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Friends. Well from a very hot, Salt Lake City Utah. It's think on an atheist. The podcast. I'm Frank Feldman, and I'm Dan beecher, and coming up on the show today, Dan. That's the big, the largest Hadron Collider drawn collider thing over in Europe. It's back in action again about to ruin the world. It's literally going to destroy the world. It's going to, it might bring about the apocalypse of revelation, we don't know. Isn't that the thing that put us on this wrong timeline? Yeah. I'm starting to like, I've heard something about that. I'm on board. There are many conspiracy theories. Some of them may or may not be true. We don't know. But we're going to explore it. We'll get it figured out by the end of the show. But anything that can put me back on the timeline that I was on. Before this one. Things were going well. A boson ruined everything. Yeah, I mean, the arc of history was still leaning toward justice. Where I was. Fuck those shit. All right. Well, Dan, yeah. You're going to be concerned about this, I think, Dan. There is a cafe in the UK. In a place called Whaley bridge. Okay. Have you ever heard of Whaley bridge? Called the bridge bakehouse. Okay. They offer freshly baked handmade goodies, including cakes, pastries, sandwiches, and they enjoy a good pun when naming their product. Oh, sure. And they've got a whole bunch of them. They have a sandwich called the don't go bacon my heart. Oh yeah. Are you chicken me out? Here's what I want to know. Obviously there's bacon on don't go bacon my heart, but is there heart? 'cause there should be. It should be a heart and bacon sandwich. Well, anyway, Dan. That would be disgusting. What they do have is a sandwich called the cheeses Christ. Yes. Which has sparked the ire of some locals. They're in Whaley bridge. They had a little menu outside. So that people before entering could see what they have to offer, right? Yeah. Somebody whited out the cheeses Christ. Sandwich from the menu. Does why did it out there? And in addition, symptom a letter, or maybe it was posted. They might have posted the letter on the door. Like Martin Luther himself. They're following his example. The letter said, our members have instructed us to write you to ask you to remove the sandwich named Jesus Christ from your menu. Although our clients would prefer to settle this matter out of the courts, there is likely a case to answer here. Everyone in the United Kingdom has the right to their beliefs without fear of discrimination. It is a basic human right that all institutions, including bakeries, have a duty to abide by and protect. It goes on to say that it's an insult to the sandwich, it was an insult to Christianity. Oh my God. And they listed four steps, but the bakery could take. In order to avoid seeing them in court. They could, they need to one issue a public apology. Okay. All of the cafes platforms, social media, website, et cetera, within 5 working days. Of the date of the letter. They must remove the sandwich name, and all mentions of it from the cafe's menu within ten days. They have to remove any mention of the name Jesus Christ from the sign standing on the Whaley bridge parish within the 30 days. And they need to make a 300 pound donation to the holy Trinity church within 30 working days. Didn't know wait. Did the author of this letter explain who they think we is? You mean,

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