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Birthday. Upper sixty five today. Sign up for Medicare today. You don't think Rodrigue never gave her one? Oh, they re they did it for a while. I dated for one. You don't think he gave her thumbs up? That's. Too funny or cruel on this date in using all her money. You see what she's doing? She's making an iron, man suit. She's got enough money. That's that's money. That's a lot of money pay. She gave us Rachel Ray. That's all. That's all that matters. Okay. Nineteen seventy boogie nights is Heather Graham, roller girl. Yeah. She's always thrown me one of her eyes drifts off and always throws south along with that. I don't think there's nothing wrong with. Roller girl. Very nice. Boogie nights. I got a brand new pair roller skating. You got a brand new key? Okay. Anything else Christie? Also on this date in history and fifteen ninety five going way back. Yep. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet believed to have been performed boiler. Watch the spoilers haven't read it. Let's see the perfect story by the way for confused teenagers would be through. List? Ernie apothecary is that they can. List of words that Shakespeare came up with oh a ton. Yeah. But play. Yeah. Change. Baby batter. That was the taming of the true. Thinks it happened. On this date in history. The top three words Shakespeare came up with coming back the first one, I know number one okay line. Just.

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