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Steps to combat dot com yo yo yo yo yo joe what everybody out during the universe i'm wondering last time we've seen kinda mcgregor into rain he he was gonna as well by the founders the c o the president the man of the money thing for money may work but i have to say hey luke healer. He's no. He's no floyd mayweather so this could be a possible fight. That connor could win. You already been in the ring with the best one of the best ever to do it so i'm pretty sure you picked up some things and a little killer i like. I like the way he came out of college gal at he had a big win. He <hes> he went to slush made a statement about connor and connor called him up like eight. I'll be talking instead online. I come see and this is how we got here. Empty global tweeted out about maybe a couple of hours ago and they said that despite maybe possibly happen so we'll talk about it with break down. What's going on so mike from what i was reading. This all started over the old man. The conor mcgregor punched in the face at a bar after the old man too o'connor to his face that is proper twelve whiskey was proper garbage. Did you say that or did they want to know. I didn't like it would did you hear hey geico conor proceeded to throw his strong arm his strong hand. He's left handed it through the fan straight straight as a straight lift at his his ass caught. The old man on the team credited. Oh man that fucking budget not as seat on ebay got over there and island but if you i did not flinch videoed emberley. Maybe you got a better copy than and i did but i couldn't see if the punch was hard like it just seems like he puts his hand. You know like he just puts his <unk> over. The guy was about eight years ago. Yeah yeah yeah but what i'm saying just looks like he puts his hand on his cheek. Don't really look like he's. They picked people out there icing ogle from bliss. You set for sure that's that's why i'm like. Was that even real also. He thinks it's not i mean i know everybody thinks he punched want some all over his whiskey is whiskey definitely getting some legs but if you look at the footage don't even look like the do move the only like the punch at any he force but conor mcgregor has reportedly agreed to take on irish rival luke keillor in in a boxing match after a furious row over his alleged assault on an elderly man in a dublin pub footage emerged last week from an an incident in april which appeared to show mcgregor strike a man in a row over whatever that means. I guess some irish stuff in a row over him rejecting a drink of his whisky w._b. European middleweight champion keillor slammed. I am the u._f._c. star on twitter and declared. I'd be happy to put him in his place. If he had the balls the step into the ring again he now has revealed he received i angry phone call from mcgregor leading to him verbally agreeing to accept his offer of a fight now keillor taylor told the irish boxing dot com..

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