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A disappointing 245,000 jobs last month, but renewed stimulus folks have stock futures pointing higher. When seems time 8 41. That's time for traffic transit. Here's Karen Stewart checking Long Island. We've got that eastbound l I e crashed the one of the 32 for the little next still out there. Delays are very heavy to go back to Francis Lewis Boulevard. The accident at the Little Neck has the right lane blocked and the exit ramp to the Little Neck Parkway blocked as well. And we still got fire department activity. Closing old Country road both ways between Urban Avenue and Brooklyn Avenue, Connecticut and Greenwich, South Bound side of the Turnpike. 95 approaching Exit six. We've got an accident there. The left lane is blocked. Unauthorized tractor trailer still out there on the New York Connecticut line on the North bound 100, King Street and it disabled truck has finally been cleared away on the North bound New York State Thruway on the Mario Cuomo going into Rocklin County. I just table car is out there on 17 north of Century Right in Paramus, New Jersey, it's blocking the right lane. Southdown Garden State Parkway has a disabled car 1 37. Also in the right lane and weird 15 remains closed on the north bound side in Sparta out the houses Corner Road because of a down to traffic signal. 10 minutes. Holland Lincoln GW Bridge. Ultimate sides in effect today it is Friday that fourth of December I'm Karen Stewart on 10 10 wins Working Mews No on 10 10 wins. Breaking news now from the Bronx to Marshall's one NYPD officer shot pursuing a suspect who had been wanted for shooting a trooper on Cape Cod team coverage. Now first live to the scene. 10 10 wins a quarter. Samantha Liebman Sam Yeah, Bridget, a large police presidents, and several streets still closed off around Eli Avenue, where this all happened. There was some confusion as to how many marshals were shot in this incident. We are now hearing two were shot as well as an NYPD officer serving this warrant.

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