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Dot com rates of exchange between eight percent the receive a discount rate cut across information intelligence because when it wasn't enough to six and one hundred thirty the three things you need to three well hurricane Dorian officially days away but already wreaking havoc on some schedules forcing the rolling stones to move Saturday night's concert at Miami's hard rock stadium up until tomorrow night Friday and the FSU of Boise state football game on Saturday in Jacksonville is now being moved back to Florida state the latest forecast shows Dorian making landfall a bit later than previously forecast late Monday morning maybe even into Monday afternoon somewhere along Florida's east coast water temperatures eighty five eighty six degrees Fahrenheit which is lots of fuel for the storm to feed on still expected to be a category for when it does make landfall one governor Rhonda Santis this afternoon said he requested a pre landfall assistance declaration from president trump to help all sixty seven counties prepare for the storm we're tracking hurricane Doria is a channel nine chief meteorologist Tom Terry now is the time to get ready and have your hurricane plans in place and download the WFTV and the news ninety six point five W. D. B. O. right now when the power goes out you'll still be able to stay connected to my storm update this because we're Orlando turns first before during and after hurricane news ninety six point five W. TVO I'm getting a scale and I'm Kevin reviews hurricane Dorian is moving over open water after skirting Porter Rico in sweeping over the U. S. Virgin Islands Cape Canaveral cafe owner Angela close here says for business near the beach is secure and has that hurricane windows and everything so we're gonna be open as long as we can to help get everybody forecasters say could hit the US mainland anywhere from Miami to south Georgia state of emergency has been declared here in Florida well we're hunker down tracking Dorian severe weather nines George Walden burger is spending the day hurricane hunting knows hurricane hunters take off from here Lakeland Linder airport now this is the jet we'll get on to do our hurricane hunting mission circling around the storm that's Walden burger before he went aboard the no aircraft gonzo right now he's on his way to fly around hurricane Dorian in a fleet of aircraft along side two more planes that are also named after Muppets all the planes miss piggy and Kermit are flying through Dorian will be flying around Dorian on our plane it guns to get a better idea of the steering currents and where door and ultimately go can hunters our air crews together important data for us back on the ground by getting as close as they can to the storms George left for his eight hour thirty two hundred mile mission earlier this afternoon and we expect to get some more updates as the night goes on Brendan Hogan is ninety six point five W. T. V. all right more power to George Walden burger flying through the eye of the hurricane can't wait to hear all about that six forty dine on Orlando's evening news problems continuing southbound Florida turnpike first meteorologist Tom Terry with your full five day forecast brought to you by U. S. heating and air conditioning only the forecast models have been kind of north and south as we know.

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