Professor Dershowitz discussed on Sean Hannity


Trump defense but ninety five percent positive on the Democrats led by chef and I feel sorry for professor Dershowitz so professor Dershowitz there is to do something that's called be intellectually honest and and not go along with his left wing friends in the mob what it then there's a price to pay for it member did name Borrelli is book black lash and in the beginning of the book as she says Google my name and you'll see all the horrible things I've been called a and it's horrible and I've I've interviewed so many conservative African American same story if you dare to take a position well that's not like by by the mob that is a left wing in this country boy you're gonna pay a price a dear price dining that's changing well I did you check that poll of from Rasmussen Linda that I asked you about yeah I did I actually talked to our exclusive Sean Hannity pulls or is it at twenty one yeah president is you know all these polls show the president's it and in the twenties and thirties now support with African Americans unbelievable you know we had that Joe Lockhart or C. N. N.'s Lockhart Dershowitz's argument what you hear from is what you hear from Stalin was a lenient Hitler what did you make when you are that I mean everybody did respond to that sort of thing wait what just what to teach yeah I mean having having worked in about a dozen campaigns there is always the sense that boy if we win it's better for the country but that doesn't give you license to commit crimes or to do things that are unethical so it was absurd and what a what I thought when I was watching it was this on America this is what you hear from some this is what you hear from most so anyway chair from the Ford from have learned from all the authoritarian people who rationalized a zero in some cases genocide based on what was in the public interest it was a startling and I I still can't believe he went on the floor of the Senate and have made that argument wow John Berman fake news CNN you know same thing there too Dershowitz arguing for unlimited presidential power blows your mind is being attacked by everybody everybody I can't stand the fact that he stated that he has a different thought I know when you don't when you get away from that group think man all you're not a good liberal anymore you deserve to be excoriated for that it's really sick and it's ugly and it's twisted but it's all too common by the way they're doing everything they can to stop Bernie Bernie is not pulling away in Iowa and in New Hampshire they're all afraid and let's see if they try to screw burning again that'll be interesting I think I was the only one that stood up for poor Bernie and what he's doing Michael Bloomberg's trying to buy is where he got a Super Bowl ad out about guns okay good luck if you think that's gonna ways of the former liberal New York City mayor but we'll see what happens president I saw the president's Superbowl ad on a lot of talk about it yet it was on and we go thank but I'll let you watch it during the Superbowl are we got a lot coming up all Carter page file the loss will get the details next we got new tape from James okay if we got all my friend Burgess in today preview the Superbowl is going to run for Congress in Utah that's awesome two hundred fifty million customers major software company spanning fourteen years now reportedly exposed from an unprotected database of all that means logs with customers that means customer emails IP addresses among the many items are yeah.

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