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Going in for Joel Riley here? Six ten WTVN. Glad you're with us this morning. And hopefully your day is getting off to a good start. Things are going to be paying attention to today depends upon what your interests are, obviously if you're a Buckeye football fan, and you've now gotten over the fact that their game with north western has been rescheduled from Saturday to a Friday, you're going to be paying attention to the early signing period which begins this morning, and you're going to be paying specific attention to what the young man from Olatunji orange school. Zach Harrison has on his mind. Zach Harrison is perhaps the highest rated recruit ever a five star recruit out of all intangible, orange high school. He's been very low key and wants to. To keep his announcement, very low key in terms of where he decides to go play college football. He is using reportedly between Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State at a report last week that always going to be Penn State. Then you hear the next one is trending towards Ohio State. I know people in Ohio are saying, whatever, you Do Son. Just do not go to Michigan. We will expect that news coming really at any time today. He said he's going to tweet it out. So if you're on Twitter, you're gonna wanna pay attention. That. Back to that Ohio State football game being moved. I was on with Mark blazer yesterday on his show. We were talking about that a lot of people are upset about it. A lot of people say, well, there's there's a couple of different viewpoints on it. Number one, Ohio State plays in the big ten Ohio State is one of the dominant teams dominant organizations dominant institutions in the big ten. They shouldn't have to play on a Friday night. Eighty to play on Saturdays Friday nights, weeknights her for MAC schools there for schools that need the attention. They need the spotlight that has shown on them the primetime television. Weeknights and football college football. No, no. They don't go together. I understand that. I also understand perhaps more. So the argument that you can't put Ohio State on a Friday night because that forces fans of high school teams throughout Ohio to choose do they go support their local high school team in the middle of October. Or they stay home and watch the buckeyes on TV or do they go to Chicago and watch the game in person. I think of the two arguments that's the one that probably resonates with me. The most Ohio State has no business complaining at all. For what night of the weekday play on two years ago. They opened on Thursday night in Bloomington, Indiana. A lot of people went to the game. A lot of people made their work schedule adjusted their work schedule. So they could go. And a lot of people will do that again with a game in Chicago on a Friday night. It's a great weekend trip. Good way to start your weekend buckeyes, playing on a Friday night, Chicago, really if you stop and think about it that in itself is not worth complaining about. However, if you have a son who plays football, a daughter who cheers somebody who's in the band, and you wanna go support your local high school team. And you're also a air quotes here big Buckeye fan. The biggest Buckeye fan. You have to make a choice. There will be people who will choose Ohio State football and stay home and not go support their local high school team. That argument makes the most sense. I don't feel bad for state. You should really never feel bad for Ohio State because of the way a game has been scheduled. The money's gonna flow in the eyeballs are going to be there on TV. Everything's going to be there. Don't feel bad for Ryan day in the buckeyes because they have to play on a Friday night. It is not some sort of. Scheduling gaffe that is beneath Ohio State, please they'll play on any night of the week doesn't matter and they'll always be popular for the high schools, though, they've got a complaint if I was a High School Athletic director or a football coach or anybody who will be impacted by that. I'd say wait a minute come on. Now, that's not that's not really the way to handle this in terms of how it's going to impact high school programs throughout the state of Ohio on that particular Friday night. Six forty now. Traffic.

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