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Draw for the show as well. Yeah there'll be a lotta. There'll be a lot of folks here that don't don't grow any any crop. And if they do grow crop they're chopping it for silage and their feeding it at at their feedlots so you don't have to go too far west from here and the pivots go away and you get into to cal cap country and and and you know when you're in when you're in grand island nebraska and You know the majority of our visitor base comes from three or four hour. Drive time around grand island brassica just like when waring decatur illinois You know the the the big majority of the folks walk in the streets drove in that morning and so there are three or four hour drive time circle around the show side while the the circle around grand island were from an agriculture standpoint. Looks a lot different. Which is why you know. The four major pivot companies. They have the biggest display. They put on anywhere here at husker harvest days because this is the wheelhouse for again row. Crop brokaw production. And and and so the the the show reflects whether you're talking about farm progress show or sunbelt expo new york firm show whatever you're talking about the the the show reflects the local agriculture. And and you know the the folks that that you and i talked to back in you know in in illinois awry or something if if if they i tell them if they have anything to do with beef or anything to do with with irrigation husker harvest data needs to be on the bucket list. Because it's it's it's quite a show you can tell that it's managed by the the same outfit because of the way it lays out and and and a lot of those things but but it's certainly different when you look at that exhibit or face now about about Feel demonstrations what will you have As far as field work going on at husker so we have. We have everything that that farm progress show. Visitors would be used to plus some stuff so we have the corn harvesting. We have the tillage. We have a dedicated area for strip till Here at husker were adding dedicated area for autonomy ravens going to have both platforms running and does going to have the drones running seating cover crop and showing spring water so they can show they can apply crop protection and then in addition to all of that. We have a huge cattle handling demonstration. And we dedicated our to hey tool so we've got mowers and breaks and peppers and baylor's and and we run all of that and at the end of that. We run cornstarch bailing demonstrations as well. So it's you know it's it's there's a lot more going on out in the field and you're kind of going bang bang bang bang bang from one thing to the next out there in those field demonstration. So it's it's it's about as interactive and and exciting out there in the field as it is inside the show side and is you have told us before you've made significant improvements to the show site itself a lot of infrastructure improvements. Yeah the the show site. The show was forty years old in two thousand seventeen so for the two thousand eighteen show. We were able to show off a six million dollar investment that we made. And it's kind of like a remodeling job. You know we had to leave. We had to leave all the streets in place where they were but we just made the improvements in place and try to build a new show side on top of an existing one. Which was its own set of challenges but now it has It has the six inches of concrete on all the streets. It has storms that were drainage perimeter fence better infrastructure and all new infrastructure electricity. Now if you if you think of of living in a forty year old house if you never made any improvements you would you would be pretty miserable to keep all your electrical devices running and everything so really did a major upgrade on the electoral distribution which allows the exhibitors to put on the show that they wanna put on before this they were putting on the show that the power based on the bill the small amount of electrical distribution we had well. That's that's not a problem anymore because you've got a nice backbone of electrical distribution internet It's it's probably the best outdoor exhibit exhibit facility in the country if not the world in terms of the infrastructure in place. Now i know there's a big event coming up on tuesday the opening day Tell us about that yeah. We're really excited. That was something that came together. Kind of last minute. governor rick. The governor of nebraska. He's doing He's he's he wanted to do an ag technology summit and he he's elected to hosted here at husker harvest day so from one o'clock to four o'clock on tuesday. He's gonna he's going to say if you were but but really what he's doing is he's He's bringing in experts to talk on different subjects. It's he's he's got three subjects. He's got astronomic technology. Where where we're talking about. We have speakers from a lot of the big seed. Companies plus one of the irrigation companies. And then next generation equipment has executives from several of the big exhibitors. John deere case cloth as well as lindsay one of the irrigation companies and then. The third category is bio economy advanced. And that is that's got corn refiners and cargill and nature works. The ceo of nature works speaking. And so it's it's really kind of its own free standing summit within the bounds of husker harvest date. There there isn't any additional charge It it's just it's just part of the show We had we had a partnership with a gi. They had a building that we could use host the thing. So it's going to be really comfortable setting for the governor or to you know to really promote not not just nebraska agriculture but generally promote agricultural where it is today and maybe start to get a glimpse from some of these speakers of of what it might look like down the road. And he's part of the food and farm He's part of a group of governors. That happened on organization called food and farm and this is kind of one of the outcomes of of that organization and utilizing husker harvest days. It's a real honor for us that the governor is going to do this versus somewhere else and so we're proud to have it and and really excited about this summit occurring during harvest admits it's tuesday again. It's tuesday from one to four the first day of the show and You know. I think it's something that you're going to put on your bucket list because the list of speakers is pretty impressive when you drove from your home and western illinois way out to grand island. Did you see much. Harvesting get underway yet. Or how do things look i saw. I thought the beginnings of seed corn and i saw some silence being chopped. But i didn't see any number. Two yellow being harvested lotte as i drove across eighty. There's a lot of field that have got that yellow look to them But but nothing. It doesn't look like things are underway. Which is a good sign for husker hardisty. Sometimes when we're when we're fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth of september like we are this year You know you start that parviz just right around the corner and you know our even our ninety nine day core here show site that we're going to start picking off. We're gonna start peeling off andro friday. It's it's probably going to be in the high twenties. So i think the farmers generally aren't quite going to be in the field yet so they're going to have the opportunity to come to the show. We're talking with matt. Young men nationally. Vince manager for farm. Progress looking ahead to next week's husker harvest days next tuesday wednesday thursday in grand island nebraska. I'll be there all three days broadcasting from the syngenta. We'll take a break and come back. We will get more information to get you ready for husker harvest days next week than as we look ahead to that big show and also wanna remind you that As i said i'll be broadcasting from the syngenta ten and hope that you will stop by if you going to be in the show love to talk with you. Enjoy talking with a lot of folks last week in decatur illinois. Look forward to talking with more next week in grand island. Nebraska are husker harvest preview is brought you by suggestive back to wrap things up right after this..

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