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Bullets. Now. Dan is Manchester. United about to move a well known player. That's a possibility, but sources are reporting man, you will not be selling Paul pod for this January for any price. Rumors continue the event is his interest. He may reunion with a midfielder while manager shows aim radio says the twenty five year olds going to start Wednesday's Champions League match against Valencia has been on the bench the last two Premier League matches against arsenal. Fulham the son in England reporting that Josie Marino has been given the okay to pursue Tottenham defender, Tobie outerwear, all during the January transfer window, but the twenty nine year old's contracts set to expire in a year, the Spurs maybe looking to sell the Belgium international around forty million pounds that he saints your hobby oh expected received the clubs final long term contract offer after Tuesday's champion's league match against Red Star Belgrade is a three year olds. Current deal is set to expire at the end of the season without a long term commitment in the midfielder is expected to be sold in January with Barcelona event is Liverpool and Tottenham considered the front runners Italian Francesco Molinari's been voted the European tour golfer the year for two thousand eighteen after winning. Open at Carnoustie Molinari also set a record at the Ryder Cup becoming the first European to win all five points from his five matches against the US open raiders firing general manager Reggie McKenzie. After six years the two thousand sixteen NFL executive the years record at the helm of the club thirty nine wins, seventy losses. Eight thirty five point eight percent winning percentage which ranks twenty nine league. For that timeframe Monday night football five thirty remaining in the first in Seattle, the seven and five Seahawks and the six five and one Minnesota. Vikings are scoreless NBA scoreboard. Local teams in action. Four fifty three to go in the third Washington trailing Indiana eighty two to sixty two at the half, Boston fifty nine nor Orleans fifty three later tonight. Golden State is home for Minnesota. I'm Dan Schwartzman. That's your Bloomberg NBC world sports update back to you. Juliette, dan. Thanks so much. It looks like things turning around a little bit on the market. The.

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