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Former special counsel Robert Muller didn't say the word impeachment but it loomed over his testimony before Congress yesterday I'm a well king and I'm Rachel Martin did his exchanges with lawmakers change any minds about obstruction Facebook is under fire again the Federal Trade Commission is investigating the company over anti trust issues a global recall for breast implants linked to cancer and we remember the life of actor what their power it's Thursday July twenty fifth Matt leblanc otherwise known as Joey from friends turns fifty two today news is next live from NPR news in Washington I'm korva Coleman the embattled governor of Puerto Rico is resigning governor Ricardo gross I always giving into protesters demands and peers Adrian for ito has more from San Juan people have been gathering in front of the governor's mansion since early in the day with the expectation that he would resign but the announcement didn't come until just before midnight the celebrations in the streets for massive and festive and they lasted until dawn and there is another major demonstration likely to be very celebratory scheduled for this morning and peers Adrian Florida governor Russ I was harshly condemned after text messages from him and his inner circle were published many messages were demeaning to others including survivors of hurricane Maria democratic and Republican lawmakers continue to disagree over the value of former special counsel Robert Muller is congressional testimony on Wednesday Miller issued a stark warning to lawmakers that Russia continues to interfere in U. S. elections a federal judge in California has temporarily blocked the new trump administration rule on asylum the rule requires anyone seeking asylum at the southern U. S. border to first apply for asylum in a country they have transmitted US district judge John Tygart blocked it saying it's inconsistent with current asylum law but a beer John Burnett says a different federal judge ruled in favor of the asylum law on Wednesday morning another federal judge Timothy Kelly there the district of Columbia ruled the other way he gave a courtroom victory to president trump who appointed him a judge tiger was appointed by Obama Kelly in the C. agreed with justice department lawyers that quote it's in the greater public interest to allow the administration to carry out its immigration policy and then a few hours later here comes judge Tigers opinion his injunction applies nationwide so judge Kelly's favorable ruling is dead in the water NPR's John Burnett North Korea has fired two short range missiles off its coast into the sea of Japan the launches come in the midst of stalled talks on the country's nuclear missile program and peers Michael Sullivan reports from Seoul South Korea says the first missile was fired shortly after five thirty this morning local time the second followed less than a half hour later officials say the first traveled nearly two hundred and seventy miles the second roughly four hundred and twenty five miles both landed harmlessly in the sea south Korea's Yonhap news agency quotes one defense official as saying the second missile may be of a type not seen before these were the first test by the north since the launch of several short range missiles in may they come less than a month after president trump and north Korea's Kim Jong woon met and agreed to resume talks on north Korea's nuclear program last week the north warns that planned military exercises by the US and South Korea next month could jeopardize future talks Michael Solomon NPR news Seoul this is NPR the Senate is expected to vote today on the nomination of army general mark Camilli to be the next chairman of the joint chiefs of staff the chairman is the top military adviser to the president if he's confirmed Millie would succeed joint chiefs chairman marine general Joseph Dunford the maker of textured breast implants linked to a rare type of cancer has announced a global recall as in Pierce Allison Aubrey reports this comes after the food and drug administration asked the company to remove the implants from the market allergen says it's a bio sell brand of textured breast implants will no longer be distributed or sold in any market in a statement the FDA says that although the overall incidence of a type of lymphoma appears to be low once there was evidence to indicate that the breast implant product appeared to be directly linked to patient harm the agency asked the company to initiate the recall the FDA does not recommend that people who already have the textured implants get them removed but it is providing information for patients and providers to consider Alison.

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