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Yeah. I want Spencer Heidi's wedding. Oh, my God, my best friend Stacy Stacy, the bartender share that the what ain't she was on like the last couple of seasons of it. I did a couple of cameos on it. And I have so many friends who either knew then or have made throughout the years, and I've had so many people ask like are you going to be on the new hills? And like, it would make sense like to do crossovers because these are genuinely my friends, but it's. I don't know they don't like doing like cross pollination of shows and whatnot. But that would have been fun. So I mean, maybe maybe guest starred we could still both be on. Sometimes never know. Pump rules. I gotta make that happen. Okay. I mean if there's a season eight I would love for you to low. You told me the ratings are so good. Good Jackson Vernier getting married next season. Like people are going to wanna see that one of the things that I wanted to get into you mentioned it in the beginning. And one of my fans asked a question, it was at dream Agana one wanted to know how you did lose the way and said that you look amazing. Thank you. I mean, I I mentioned earlier that I consider myself a food addict. And I've gone my whole life like Oprah yoyoing. So after two thousand and seven and like many people I made a New Year's resolution to be healthier. But that year before the year of two thousand seven I tried so many times to get healthier and I failed and I quit, and I try to get quit. And I said, you know, what I need to set. My. Self up for success failure. And so many of us myself included, especially back, then when the biggest loser was on TV. We'd have all these unrealistic expectations. Right. You wanna lose too much weight so quickly, and that's not always the best approach. So what I did was. Okay. How can how can I set myself up for success? How can I make this easy? Yeah. So what I did was the first month. I didn't even worry about the gym physical activity or anything. Like that said. Okay. You know, what I'm gonna do what an addiction specialist does. They don't go cold Turkey. Right. So I'd said, okay. I'm not gonna eat healthy. I'm just going to eat less bad than have been. So I was working at the coffee shop and eating at the Baja fresh next door. So I was like okay instead of having to cookies at the coffee bean have one instead of having the large ice blended have a small one. Yeah. Instead of getting the burrito and chips at Baja fresh just the burrito, right? Still eating poorly. Heating, less. Exactly. Yeah. So I did that I said I'm going to do that for a month and after a month of doing that I lost some weight with minimal effort and. Okay. Wow. So next month, February me incorporate some physical activity and at that point. I was so uncomfortable with my body. I didn't want to take my shirt. I didn't I was afraid of getting in a gym and being judged or look that. So I was like all right. Let me just walk. So how can I set myself up for success there? If I would tell myself, I'm gonna walk everyday for an hour a day. I probably wouldn't have followed with it did five days a week, thirty minutes a day. And I did it. It's at the end of the second month. I lost even more weight after two months of changing things without going drastic. I got a lot of results then I was really motivated then get into Jim and then really eat healthy. And and that momentum fueled me and reprogrammed my brain. Yeah. That's awesome. And I think. Once you see those results, it just makes it that much easier..

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