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Josh McCown said he retired during the off season I took him at his word I know why the weight landed pretty well was going to do some analysts work for ESPN each year when a team came not gonna need said hi yeah I can come out of retirement I don't think he's planning on sticking around for another five years in the National Football League this is a short term thing but I'm probably got a nice little check out a bit and by the way if he's good at what he does and I I I see one two twice on ESPN since and I don't it was fine a didn't jump out of this screen at me all my god is gonna be the greatest now as as of all time but I think he's got a future doing some mad TV NFL work as a matter of fact Josh McCown has signed a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles I eagles are a little short in the quarterback room right now they got Carson Wentz who will lead take them as far as they're going to go this year and I think the eagles are actually the team to beat any NFC assuming help with Carson Wentz which is a bit of an assumption because two years running he's ended the year on the injured list so well eagles thought they were okay made side spelled who has played well enough for them in the pre season he's actually played a couple games over the last two years games it didn't really matter eagles were route already as but I locked up home field advantage in the post season year before last so where the game is tied to a plane didn't really weren't good going to decide to anything he was a third string with Nick Foles both years and we know it falls did goes in when it's a through ball goes in and finish in season strong get some into the playoffs in wins a playoff game but falls of course like to go to Jacksonville be there started this off season so sad felt elevated to the back of spot gets hurt me first game because the eagles didn't quite carts went to their first preseason game employment at second preseason games if I'm a betting man I don't think he's going to play in the third or fourth preach I know he's not playing in a port he may or may not play Doug Peterson their coach is not been committal as to whether he is or isn't gonna play Carson Wentz it looks like speculation is when it's not complete all in the pre season they just gonna roam out there game one of the regular season I will see V. it's a ground running or not but central sponsor me back up oops broken wrist season game so he's down into this season going to miss at least the first couple of weeks but they do believe is going to come be able to come back and play this year so Cody Kessler is their third string quarterback if you don't consider Clayton Dorsen they're rad rookie did they pick from northwestern in the fifth round as a viable option here in your number one so when I eagle second preseason game Cody Kessler Banta sixty seven playing the game I don't know exactly which one for four is a matter of fact as I threw the ball plenty when he was in there for the short time he was did to blind sided Mr block by their rookie left tackle Andre Dillard just completely with on a black guy goes on touch to the quarterback and berries Kaspar so he gets up slowly off the ground starts to make its way up to the line of scrimmage and chaos will board the plane as the ball was being snapped so they actually started to play but a flag was thrown a they call for wait Pam so I had to game on played canceled for medical inspection I've never seen her before never heard of it before but I guess that the call comes down from the official that they should have put the guy into the concussion protocol because he got up to slowly off the rack he went up the line of scrimmage to snap the ball so cancel gonna walk off the field he goes into the tent he comes out goes back into the locker room and he's done for the game I guess he didn't test well enough to get put in a concussion protocols so the you're a rookie Clayton torch and had to play the rest of the game for the eagles so now they're down to one to be because when season play in side rails got a broken wrist and Cody Kessler's got a could read times got to spend out because of concussion protocol so they got one guy left that Adam somebody come and play quarterback they must've dropped a pretty good time in Najaf McAllen's pocket because he's coming out of retirement now he may never even play in cancel comes back and they think that use them play this week an eagles preseason game I guarantee you that what will you actually make the roster to start the season I think to be determined maybe you've got a yeah I've got a great movie F. fan well as soon as you're done come on back will put you back on the air but Jackson County X. jet quarterback back in the league signed a contract with the eagles eight seven seven three three seven six six six six when we get a call up here kind of for Manhattans on a fan a Connor good morning and god bless which don't belong and why eighty stees summer be Jody macdonald she your winning goal which don't belong in March you go down the cardinal rode on a year on me here I don't know you tell me well the correct answer is B. because why all three have one time or another hold to the fans overnight program correctly Jody macdonald will do you a favor I did we go no we do your favor well I don't know about that listen Joe here we go this week remember Brian Cashman incident where he was pulled over for the stolen car yes okay well that evening there was a horse running at Yonkers stolen car couldn't get through but he only showed this week the this week the posted a follow up show a program on on the story and they had cash when with his hands on his head hi Mister Hayes and other guys listen to finally trying to be funny and he's listening to the show in the background so that he gets confused we had some tough time with the call is I got a got to be honest about it I got one two three four here Justin Jeff actual gore night Maddy could you make the call here well my go into just didn't Jeff axle or Gordan make a call I got a good feeling about Justin good feeling about Justin Justin it is hello Justin Hey pretty well quickly match point and jets point not to a believer the issue could you call it should be right on it but the back half of the mess line up is in the dark all right now I mean I wish you guys Frasier till you know two on two out top of the first the bad team wanna jump on him really make me give up of course you're not gonna however it's it's Fraser double Fraser you've got to show a little cried out there you know you see are shallow pop men come in off the bench for the Yankees play well you know just want to feel more pride dead dead does does your point is a good one it shines a light on it the lack of production met to getting from their secondary and tertiary players because the Yankees go deep on the bench and all the guys do is check for dinner sellers can aid three thirty on a year and a mad backups look like backups and perform like backups yes one real quick you know a little responsible by case Avenel Williamson out there I think only starter out there with the Jews the Jews are out there playing a reckless football you know they don't know when the next opportunities gonna come they want to put something on tape on off your call ahead where a Williamson got hurt but is a reckless dive going after the ball not to be issued to an increase in the number I don't think you need to be out there you know I think the rams the bears promise something Outlander players players and preseason it's not worth it let me let me ask you a question who's more responsible gays or Williamson for going about it and do it in a breathless dive well do you want to get a gauge you Brad and intelligent critique because he gave me a little extra time maybe wanted it maybe afterward I don't know coach you've got to be the guy who decides and he's got a protective players but Williams is also very smart about it and he knows he's out there with his second teamer is an ally can each of trying to get his rocks in that's fine but don't put yourself in a position where you can actually yeah end up injured eight seven seven three three seven sex sex sex sex I cooking time out Eric Roland Newsday talking yanks next year on offense some.

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