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The instrumental version if you if you didn't hear the lyrics I'm not going to reside in Syria but was all that was that was zeppelins only top ten hit did you know that really number five it got up his eyes number five but that that song all of it but I'm not going to repeat the lyrics but that graph everything about that song is one hundred percent toxic masculinity if that was number one on my list I can live with my last it's not it should have been I can't believe gonna take a break I've done when we return I will reveal number two and then number one toxic masculinity rock and roll the VB lightning list continues when we return right here in our care the following program is a paid commercial program RKL the Lutheran hour bringing Christ to the nation's we find security in an uncertain world Dr Michael Ziglar says in Christ god draws us homework scene rightly the cross of Jesus oils are proposals to build a home without god so god used the crucifixion of Jesus to make a way home for us Jesus is risen from the dead and today he calls you the young lady from South Africa his family disowned her on account of her face that's all just ahead today on the loose were not.

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