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Off this Christina Coleman America is listening to Bob if you don't know your numbers and now the lands of liberty here is how incredible my twelve year old granddaughter got upset about something she saw on our own neighborhood people texting while driving she looked through the lens of liberty and decided it was her responsibility to do something about it she made simple little stop sign sick kids holed up in their car window saying stop texting we see here the idea's caught fire in other schools around the country and she has been on national news programs talking about personal responsibility I am proud not because she is my own granddaughter but because she understands that Americans should always depend on government to protect our safety and our freedom it's our own responsibility first for more information go to lens of liberty dot org that's lands of liberty award what does she mean dad runner Hawaii fund I don't think health insurance will cover all of that out that cash from black we might have to choose between Hawaii or your face why you might have less coverage than you think black it's free talk live you dial toll free to bring up what she wants my number is eight fifty five for fifty three.

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