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If we go to Dave Preston soccer's European Championship semifinal round, Denmark and England are tied at one when the late in regulation there in the 87th minute right now, the two teams swapped goals in the first half. The winner plays Italy in the finals. Baseball nationals are in San Diego and are 4.5 games behind the New York Mets in the N L. East. Mets and Milwaukee are tied in the eighth inning it to that is a double header. So technically, this is extra innings because they play those seven inning games and doubleheaders Patrick Corbin pitches tonight against the Padres. It 10 10. Former Nats outfielder Adam Eaton has been designated for assignment by the Chicago White Sox. The 32 year old was hitting 2 1/58 games this year. Tennis at Wimbledon eight times. Champion Roger Federer makes his exit slipping to Hubert her catch 63766 love her catch reaches the for his first career Grand Slam semi final hole. Placed seventh seed Matteo Beretta Teeny the other semifinal pits Topsy Novak Djokovic against number 10 Dennis Shape Oval off NHL Stanley Cup Finals Game five tonight in Tampa Bay Lightning lead three games to one Dave Preston WTF e Sports. Thank you. Dave. Heat indices in the low hundreds, We have some big storms popping and then after trafficking Whether why a grandmother was arrested for not answering her phone for 47 steamfitters local 602 and as many signatory award winning contractors have been entrusted to help design building service, some of the most iconic buildings in the most powerful city in the world. World War two Memorial for the Pentagon, the Department of State National Park. The list goes on and on. When it comes to commercial and residential H V a.

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