Mr Giuliani, Ukraine, President Trump discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


Lost the fight with Russian very long without us. They're actually very much appreciate everything your door did. It seem clear. The president had a deep knowledge of Ukraine. Do you think he was just having making conversation with people. He's stuck at a at dinner with I. I wonder I I like to believe. He's been briefed on Ukraine by by his advisors. I like to think he has some understanding of Ukraine but what this aspect of the tape shows us is that it was already on his mind. That Ukraine was vulnerable without military from the United States. Then you have to remember that at some point in again beginning. Twenty nineteen lev delivers to poor SHANECO. NCOA quid pro quo. You will get a White House visit unless you announce a anti-corruption campaign with the Biden's The it's it's still fascinates me. I've been thinking a lot about what Parnham said that the fact that he was the guy and an ego firm according to life partners or people on the ground in Ukraine cran and they would literally go to a meeting with the former president With the man who would ultimately is now heading the the the intelligence services in Ukraine under Linski and hold up a phone and rudy. Giuliani would be on speakerphone. Saying listen to listen to these these guys they represent us they let represent the president. They represent me. You know there were listen to what they have to say what they're going to tell you. It's not conventional you. You wouldn't expect diplomacy to be conducted that way. I can kind of wonder if there's some reason to have ego and love doing doing that bidding. I mean it makes no if it's actually in the national security interests it makes no sense that it's these guys guys with no security clearance diplomacy expertise and who have no background background and politics. That makes no sense. Yeah can you say if if the freemen gave donations to other you know okay. Senators to Congress people. I mean I know from the public record. He gave donations to sort of joint fundraising committees. That could then be distributed. You did to a number of candidates has did he also give directly. I think was more there. Were some direct donations small direct donations but really more larger donations to super PACs. That could then unbundle those donations and give them to the GOP candidates that they believe most needed them at the time. I'm these recordings were made had had left porn. It's an Uber from already. Begun working with Giuliani. Or was this before that began again. The Mr Parnell had met Mr Giuliani. He did not have much of a relationship with Mr Jusoh. He hadn't at this point. Pay Giuliani the half. A million to be involved evolved into that yet. I don't believe that the payment was before this dinner. He had met him In Two Thousand Sixteen in Florida to fundraiser. They'd seen each other at the the inauguration and at other Republican events but thereafter. You see love and Mr Giuliani travelling to various candidates campaigns for purposes. This is the midterm election. So at the time this as they're sitting at that table not because Giuliani has brought them there. They're sitting at that table because they donated and got seats at this event hotels. Xactly what are you. What is he looking at now? I like to think that there will be still a vote in the Senate for there to be witnesses and evidence. It would be awful for me. I can't imagine there being a trial without those things. It would literally be like a silent movie or puppet show and I like I like to think that we still while while we have a couple days can push that movement and affect change founded appreciate and thank you very much. Thank you next. More on new to tell the White House strategy for Monday and how the trial unfolds from here retrial..

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