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All right. Phones and see women come up with let's go to a male borough. Mel how are you? Debut. How're man all is. Well, man, you know, I got a cousin who's in Myrtle Beach sitting there talking about he's hunkering down. Now. I think they're going to they're going to discontinue this evacuation, I think around nine o'clock tonight. And he said there's a bunch of folks down there with him. They're not going to leave their property lucky. I let them do whatever they wanna do. I did that that they get all the important documented Aleve lay out the clothes. They want up to you. I don't it'd be playing around when it's thunderstorm hit Atlanta. I'd be trying to stay up here to the station. So, you know. We'll be trying to deal with no category. Five hurricane but to soon quick way to each his own right now. And they said that it's supposed to sit and it's supposed to be coming in our direction. It's not even going on. Well, you know, these hurricane Utah by something. That's. Four hundred miles wide, and man, please it could end up anywhere. So his own personality. But I wanted to introduce this year this year's academe calendar for the urban pre college education network. We started off our first workshop this Saturday and eleven o'clock at serenity club. We're going over the ten steps of the college application process. Okay. If anybody that has any high school students, you want to stay on task because most students pay attention everything but a deadline. We try the equipment. Well, we're not trying actually we actually doing a lot of I'm getting a lot of good feedback. From a lot of students that we help facilitate their process of getting into college and ups.

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