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If we can and I have a crazy day when you think about we got the masters now in November British open canceled they have postponed the U. S. open that would be a little bit later on this summer this would be in the national title game tonight the last weekend of the last week of the NBA regular season first week of baseball and right now everything is in a state of flux and it should be for a little while but the draft can you imagine the commissioner at home hosting the track from his health I'd like to know what what kind of set up in a gonna have there we can have a backdrop we got a podium maybe wear sweat pants he sure hers okay just you know stuff that we would where we were at home there I gotta be good the final shape or anything like that it's it's like hair's a mess yeah make love involves all to the poll question Peter king will join us on the program tomorrow yes we switched we switched up to which would you watch in November at the masters on Sunday or NFL Sunday fifty three percent said masters okay yeah I would too I mean there's one weekend for the masters and I don't know what Augusta looks like in November but we're going to find out James a Virginia hi James okay you're taking my call set the stage with me and help for the rest I have a little bit time over the weekend and I'll have a little bit of brackets are yours so I sat there listening to all the madness songs and I'm not you know not not bracket is surprisingly enough I came up with a final score I finally changed it okay Jim if that is gonna be bringing in Ohio it's got to be bringing the high doing that our love Vicky manages to one of my favorite song of all time so I might be a little biased but yeah he is he did a fantastic job yet in Michigan I love going to Michigan Keller and Matt in in Ohio were also in my final so oddly enough I had a all in my last final four without mac in Oklahoma so I may face is great god bless Richard Hey whatever you want me to come in to get their network they just let me know I'll be there okay I've been waiting for James to S. thank you than to that James I appreciate that Hey guys James ask if he could come in to be dented for a day finally ends we're wondering can build call we have this stay in sports history Polly would have ninety seven this is a great fight sugar ray Leonard beat that got the middleweight title by beating Marvin Hagler Hager was considered unbeatable and mature gravy and I love tacular the Hagler Hearns about that was one of those where Hurns just went in and just started Wayland police trying to and then you're going what is he doing he's not going to last Tommy Hearns was one of those anomaly hit man Hearns just the way it was built you know he he was a rangy was tall didn't weigh a lot but Hagler was regularly looked and was a bad do you know that shaved head there were so many got veto in a firm out like there's so many guys back then we were gone and those guys yeah that was great time for boxing for G. scoreboard today the winner is Brian it says brain brain Metcalf in Illinois I'm gonna guess it's Brian but it might be brain at Metcalf in Illinois forty three eighty seven Honda is forty three Bubba Wallace who quit in the middle of the iris yesterday eighty seven Graca WrestleMania chip all right every day Todd scoreboard and we hand down some D. P. show gear makes you check out the D. P. show store Dan Patrick dot com for all the great gear that we have received what did you learn on today's program I learned that you thought the best will open plus decent NJ the admiral John Stockton Jerry Sloan and Vivian stringer all right the club he chases there's a lifetime fake Oscar for his movie career yeah police are watching on drugs against Seton o'connor with jeweler Harry potter and heady topper is sort of that the waiter was sum up your week off well I didn't read the Harry potter but I did drink heady topper which is a great Vermont to beer and I stockpiled on it thank they come in four packs I brought I bought ten four pass six order a whole Hollywood a jeweler I'm going to your house to pick up soon what do you like it or not Todd what did I learn today that's why he decided not to be put in yes you can and when he was told he needed oxygen and drugs and all right thank you John how to work on Todd's connection for tomorrow even when he's here we have to work on his connection thanks for joining us what we learned brought.

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