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Office numbers just came in and sonic the hedgehog a big winner gets movies are in are not usually my favorite movies but I got to say this weekend S. movie of the weekend is the sonic the hedgehog really nicely done very cleverly written it's something that the kids and adults both could enjoy Jim Carrey is so entertainingly diabolical in this movie it is the number one movie of the weekend these birds of prey there was kind of a bomb when it opened and is already showing signs of decline dropping to the number two spot after that it was the romantic drama the photograph and the number three spot after that the horror version of fantasy island below a Blumhouse presents fantasy island this is one of the I know you'll be shocked to hear they did not screen for the critics they did once you this ahead of time and I haven't had a chance to catch up with it yet and I I probably will not but it of the the the horror version of fantasy island came into the number four spot and then after that down hill sorry will Ferrell and Julia Louis Dreyfus this is a movie which is a remake of a Swedish film call force majeure about a family that goes on a skiing vacation in the Alps which is where they actually shot this movie by the way as you will hear in my interview with will Ferrell and Julia Louis Dreyfus in a second they go on this vacation something happens on the vacation so the trailer so I I guess I can tell you that it's an avalanche not not one that buries them you know in the mountains are sitting at the dining area an avalanche takes place nearby and part of the avalanche a spills over into this eating area in the Alps and the what happens when that happens changes everything with this family the the way that they perceive each other their expectations of each other how they relate to one another it's kind of interesting character study I guess but this movie sort of doesn't know if it wants to be a comedy or drama it turns out to be I think more a story about expectations of relationships and expectations that really gets a little on the heavy side not something that you would expect from Julia Louis Dreyfus and will Ferrell not that they only should do comedy but took their sort of presenting it that way in their commercials in in their trailer and it's really not there there are a few laughs in the movie but this this movie is so decidedly a little heavier but also a little bit scattered not as focused as the original Swedish film force majeure it's sort of like he can't decide really what it wants to be I want of giving it a dean's list see I think it's okay I don't think it's terrible I don't think it's great so my grade on this was a dean's list see but I will say this I I've never sat down and spoken with Julia Louis Dreyfus before so that was fun it was great to see my old pal will Ferrell once again nice to see you my friend is still a very long time yes and I can't believe that I've never sat.

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