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Well brian walden. The the playoffs are here. Had a a fun game last night. With the red sox and the yankees. And now it's the national league's turn and that means it's the cardinals and the dodgers good morning to you in. This should be a fun night. A baseball absolutely. And it's pleasure to talk to you on the on the eve of this big game. The whole season comes down to one nine inning game and of course max scherzer the the local products. Who's been so successful for. So long against adam wainwright at for me. This feels like the best possible situation for the cardinals which is come in and that one game and punch knockout. When it's still in my opinion the best team in baseball which is los angeles dodgers and shares. Her obviously is a tremendous competitor. He reminds me a lot of chris. Carpenter in how he approaches his work on the mound. But there's a crack in the door and that is at zor. His last two times out a gave up eleven runs in ten and a third innings. And that's very uncharacteristic for him you don't know if maybe he was cruising or maybe there's a you know some fatigue or a minor injury you know he's not as young as it used to be of course either wayne right on the other side of the coin you know. Both pitchers are well rested. So you know. There's no reason why those two couldn't pitch deep into this game and of course we're a twenty six man roster teams can put a number of pitchers ready and they'll be probably quicker with the hook than usual even though these guys are our top line guys for example on the cardinal side and then we haven't seen rosters yet but we believe that both dakota hudson and miles michael will be available for long relief then. Of course you have. Kim and potentially jack flirty as well. So you could potentially have five starters Ready to pitch this game for the cardinals. You know what's interesting is how we saw the game play out last night with the red sox and the yankees to your point that. Hey if a guy's not looking the way that you want to see him go you're gonna pull them. And that's what aaron booed did last night with garrett cole and you may see that tonight with either wayne writer sherzer. It's very similar situation. Dan i mean garrett colas was considered the best pitcher on either one of those two rosters and you know in in that big game..

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