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At the tram. Stop look to the right through the gate into the city park. You may catch a glimpse of the gilded statue of the waltz. King johann strauss junior. He holds violin as he did when he conducted his orchestra whipping his fans into a three quarter time frenzy the inviting greenery of stock park honors many great viennese musicians and composers with statues scuba tour. Look to the left as you pull out from the stop at the end of the park. A green statue honors the popular mayor who reshaped vienna. Dr karl lugar more on him later for now look right again. The big red brick building is the museum of applied art which displays i design through the ages. A block further on the right. The long white building was the austrian ministry of war. This was the austrian pentagon back when the country was a major power. The equestrian statue at the entrance is field marshal red detsky. He was front of top general and was immortalized by johann strauss. Seniors read at ski march is pointing across the street toward the art nouveau. Post office savings bank. It's on the left setback on a little square designed by otto wagner. It's the only secessionist building on the ring. Julius raab plots warning. We'll be hopping off the tram at the next stop for now look to the right immediately passed the stop where the tram makes a sharp left turn is a white domed building on your right. This is the urania franz-josef nineteen ten observatory behind the urania. Look to the distant horizon. Visually tracing the line of the canal. You make glimpse that huge red cars of a giant ferris wheel the hundred year. Old wheel dominates vienna's proctor amusement park fun and characteristically viennese place. Now get ready to hop off yes prepared to get off the tram the next stop plots you'll get off the tram there to change to tram number one. We'll see you on the platform transfer at sweden platform tram. Stop sightsee the danube. While you wait for your next tram. Hopefully you're off the tram at the sweden plot. Stop from here will transfer to tram number one. It travels in the same direction as you've been going. Check the electronic board for how many minutes until the next tram arrives. Trams come along every five or ten minutes so don't worry about missing the next one. Take some time here and let rick show you some sites notice the waterway next to you and how blue it isn't. It's the danube specifically the danube canal aka. the baby danube. This is one of the many small arms of the danube river. Modern engineering has channeled the rest of the river into.

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