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Because he hasn't got the depth of your the sides but you're looking genuinely now it for really strong size if you'll claudio on your staff trying to get your players you wanna hit the ground running you wanna play spurs and you wanna try and put them to bed take equation very early on even though much day one been trying to get through the likes of the norwich games but then like you said also lester. Saddam didn't they should win and then chelsea and liverpool raising heart star and you have an international break in between where plays are going to go away all of pretty much all of your squads yup part for maybe two or three. You could get injury s. suppliers as we've been saying coming back late and they give them extra raised after the competition for the summer which is probably the right thing to do but again that delays them being ready these incredible stop this season. And that's where we said okay. That's the standard they hard. I mean they spent by lester. Holt was maybe done. Psychologically maybe to that defeat against in the final of the champion of quarterfinal where no one expected them to go out. Certainly not that way. Pep tried again. He's like tactical genius completely. Yeah case maybe defeat against chelsea in the champions league final in may good could maybe have some similar effects soccer. I think so early on until he gets all the play back. I think that's the case. I think that's a good show. I think for the players. What lean on overstate you get. Lean towards the size. You scored on a lean towards. I think people are going to the one who i've been saying for a long time now. One of my favorite players all around europe know what and bob does know a amount they motors. What messy rinaldo. And whichever play you love understand what they do but for a player's player players love people. I couldn't you comply any position. He can play nine ten every single week or gets one or two injuries. But not major ones you know. He's got the intelligence information. If you're managing your quarterly. Gave him information. I want you to do this today. I want you to play this position. I don't wanna do this. That and the other is intelligent enough to do it. And sometimes you sacrifices himself for the greater good you can see playing a false non last season yet. He's best goal return last season so early on it will be you know whereas ryan sterling worst greeley schwer's torres gonna play but it will be the likes of going to one. I think the buck full. I don't think changed backfired and during the gulf that one change too much but couldn't one's going to be one of those players where will lean on i think massively and we greatest mckee's debut as we said only one training session with the rest of the team before that game kessler st. We have a full week now where you can train with everyone and gays fitness level. A and all of that you start him again. Spurs with with the momentum from the euros i think from the transferred the excitement defined as their you must he must be dying to start a city. Absolutely i think when when the bigger picture comes when you get to jump zeke semifinals and finals. The argument of discussion would be. Does he get. He's best eleven and that's a whole new debate before very for planning point of view. When you just for new football club you want to put on. You wanna get some rhythm you wanna know. You might want to know what the manager wants. You want to feel the excitement. The bush stadium. I'll be stunned. If peppers and play him in the first guy out be stunned. If he doesn't play tottenham. I think at hostility agree star. Whatever position wants to play in a false nine is often left off the right a little bit deeper but he starts me every single time. And while they're waiting for kane whether the hopkins. Oh no. i'm i'm optimistic. But it won't be. You won't be anytime soon. Lies in the next two days. We suffer on taurus. Planning on an benign road i. He played last season in. Champion defies quote world. Certainly in the group stages. But he's still a way right for this kind of games coverage is only reporting by for training on monday. So he's not going to be ready for maybe another two weeks or something. They would have to find either defined a macho again with the phone number nine. Let think so many times which which my work the problem but also they might struggle for of impact of phone. If they don't they might do. I see them going false nine. I think perhaps probably looking at a star looking at the place that got when available and he says how can we don't carry but how can we get the best star out of the squad of the players available. I think guarantors display the right inside. And i think we'll certainly see for the first two or three games. I think we'll see a false nine could be rhyme stood and he's not before could be jack. Greenish could go into one said so. He's gone north bodies there to to lean on any sort of different system if he wants he's got no bodies there as the puck. Five out of nickel change. I think it depends on what he wants. Can sell was the best left. Left-back bombed jank don't see mandy and term future there so i see counselor there see walker at right. Ac- ruben diaz each stones edison. I think that's their solid backfire. Missing the nike mistake. Then i think take your pick. Who'd you like you like. Fernandina july rotary. So you go. You got hold feel player there. That's that's going to sit in their repeated time. And then as i said you've got these plaza. I mentioned gone. Play the guardiola white and i think it gets through. It gets through spurs n- origin and arsenal. And maybe to lester plant false. Not until he gets the mind. Which i think is still going to happen in harry. Nothing that's Think will be done before the season starts and then you get him up to speed and then all of a sudden it's a different animal than isn't it over so now you say oh it's it's a difficult star you haven't gotten frontman. Might be carrying false nines. He bring hurricane any guarantees. You for your season over sudden city fans. I mean it'd be fascinating to see their status in the last of this as apart from the city game That they will have to play be more favorable february star with a with ram turns and they've got west palm norwich so the monster game brighton. Burnley chris potus so for them with what we saw in that game. The community shield the shot nurse to fit nares. The fighter madison really good game. And we talked about medicine in particularly in a little bit. Vaudeville luke bonds. Coming back from that injury. That stopped him the wrong time. Really.

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