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It is easy to say There are a lot of problems, but I think it's also very important to say that there are people willing to concentrate and work on them and to come to agreement. If it's at all possible, I think simply If nothing else of the president's ability to get a Teesta at this point to Muslim nations in the Middle East to come to the peace table with Israel. And to be able to sign those historic accords. The Abraham accords there could be mortar that is done across the globe, but you have to have people of goodwill that are willing to come to the table and do just that. And we're in the midst of hearing about a story that involves two people that shouldn't get along. Ah Holocaust survivor by the name of Irving on and a radicalized anti Semite when he was a teenager. Cassim Hafeez, who grew up in Muslim heritage in the UK, but he's speaking with us now and Cosima. I want to go to the point We kind of ended in the last segment where you're a teenager. You took that step of kind of deeper commitment to your faith and a TTE Some point in time you run across a copy of a book by Harvard Law chair emeritus, Alan Dershowitz. Titled Simply the Case for Israel, and I just spoke with Professor Dershowitz not long ago. I know that this book has now been translated into. I think it's a least six languages, but it is a powerful Of a testament to his belief that Israel has the right to exist in some of the core paintings of that belief, But I'm curious how that book and your experience was impacted when you came across it. Official. So I read the case for Israel when I was at my most rather call an extreme on DH by that. I mean, I am I've made it to see him that I want to go. I want to speak out and go to a terrorist training camp. Then essentially, you know, commit an act of terror, I guess. Hey, that's my wah mentally. So I see this book on me. I was firmly of the belief that you know, I'm a student at this point. So you know, I believe that Israel is the worst place on Earth, the juicer responsible for the evil in the world. It's rather worse than the Nazis. Unlikely that I'm a student, So I believe I know everything. And was some of this reinforced in your public education. Or was it just your look? You know you're the community and kind of the environment that you were in that was reinforcing this. You know, I would say without a doubt, while abilities extreme messages throughout, going up going to college, and I went to, you know, a regular British college was radicalized in period of my life. Daily messages You're receiving, Um, campus back to this things. That professor's saying, I mean, it just validates what you already believe. And it's almost amplifies it when you come from America is not the only place that has to worry about a university, inculcating their kids into things that the parents may not hold, too. No, not a toll. I mean, I have. It's terrifying for me because I speak on campus isn't part of my job on it. For a place where it's meant to be about freedom of ideas and hearing different opinion. Some other things I see in witness on just I mean, Terrified that not away T describe it. Sure. Back to the big Yes, I'm reading this book. I pick it up because I'm like these were alive. I'm gonna just piffle Give me even more called They hate the Jews in Israel, You know, I mean, read about their lives, and I read it and it A gift. It challenges what I believe because I surround myself in this echo Chamber of business. What I believe this is a lot now listen to their lead on Dershowitz blaze out these arguments. He provides sources in historical context. All these things I read it, I'm like, OK, these are lies. Let me just proved them wrong. So God, I read a number of future written as the counter argument case for Israel on interestingly they they rely heavily on a motive. Kind of messaging rather than These are the facts and hair of the sources to prove it right. Kind of unsatisfying, But okay, fine. I'll get the bottom of this on a 72 years went by, and I'm trying to research and I'm going deeper and deeper. Trying to validate my previous ideas because I couldn't accept that I was wrong. And that that would lead me to go to Israel in the hope of seeing this awful Israel that I can't prove wrong Now that is evil, like I believe, because other things they're saying Different things, So I'm going to go see this also placed myself on DH. The reality hit pretty hard as it does, I think for everybody that goes to Israel for the first time. I remember as an evangelical growing up having a very high opinion of Israel, and it.

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