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Kids A. M. the seven ninety thank you very much appreciate it a lot of tremendous things happening the number of new positive cases continue to decline nationwide recent hot spots appear to be stabilizing the odds but Sir in some cases very interesting what's going on and they going down they going in the right direction cases in the Boston area now declining the Chicago curve appears to have flattened which is terrific and Detroit is past its peak these trends demonstrate that are aggressive strategy to battle the virus is working and that more states will soon be in a position to gradually and safely re open it's very exciting it was very exciting even today watching and seeing what's happening and people are getting ready and they're all excited I do want to mention manners and a very good job for us Dr Robert Redfield was totally misquoted in the media on a statement about the fall season and the virus totally misquoted I spoke to him he said it was ridiculous he was talking about the flu and corona coming together at the same time and corona could be just a little flare ups that will take care of with a knock it out will not get out fast but that's what he was referring to coming together at the same time and I think rather than waiting I'd ask Dr Redfield to come up say a couple of words just to straighten that out because he didn't say it was a big a big explosion the headline in The Washington Post was totally inaccurate the statement wasn't bad in the post but the headline was ridiculous which is as I say that's fake news and CNN is fake news like crazy and they had just totally the rucksack which they knew they were asked to change it and they wouldn't do that that and it was a false so I'll list after Redfield who is in a real professional to come up and explain please thank you for thank you Mr president really do think it's important to clarify this as we build the confidence of the American people when I commented yesterday that there was a possibility of the fall winter as next fall or winter could be more difficult difficult for complicated when we had to respiratory illnesses circulated the same time influenza and the coronavirus nineteen but I think it's really important to emphasize what I didn't say I didn't say that this was going to be worse I said it was gonna be more complicate are more difficult and potentially complicated because we'll have flew in corona virus circulate at same time I want to emphasize that we continue to build the nation's public health infrastructure to ensure that we have the capacity to stay in the containment mode those of you heard me talk before I told you that in January and February up to February twenty seven twenty eight this nation had fourteen cases we are in the containment mode and then unfortunately the virus overwhelmed when we got into a screaming mitigation we are building that public health care capacity now to make sure that we stay in the containment mode for the upcoming fall and winter season so we will not need to resort to the kind of mitigation that we had to this spring I have confidence that our public health response of really case recognition that we've talked about isolation and contact tracing combined with our plans for increased surveillance particularly in and for the most vulnerable will be ineffective a public health strategies so our nation will be able to maintain itself in the containment mode again that will be supported by the American public's continued cooperation obviously in the areas of personal hygiene and that the types of social distancing strategies that may be appropriate the key to my comments and the reason that I really wanted to stress them was to appeal to the American public to embrace the flu vaccine with confidence one of the greatest tools we have as we go through the fall winter season that we're into is to get the American public to embrace the influenza vaccine and thereby minimize the impact of flu to be the co respiratory disease that we confront thank you very much there.

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