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Less likely to re-offend your biggest demographic of offenders are refunders. And so if we start. Addressing the issue. Stop trying to prosecute our way out of addiction. Because the the traditional motto is prosecute them. At the minimum put him on probation. Now, my conviction rate goes higher. But all you do is exacerbate the addiction because our jails aren't the best of rehabilitating people. And now, they are less marketable. They can't get a job. And so if if if you're an individual who man, I can go out on the streets and make a couple of thousand a week four. I can go the straight and narrow and get a job at a fast food restaurant making minimum wage, and then we scratch our head when people re-offend so what we gotta do is start catching those non violent offenders before they progress to the violent offenses that makes us safer. It saves us taxpayer dollars. We clear it costs about thirty thousand dollars a year to incarcerate someone you save ten to fifteen thousand dollars per year. When you use these kind of programs for nonviolent offenders. And then lasted helps people. So it's a win win across the board. It brings your crime rates down Kansas City, which has half our population half the population of Saint Louis county. They have eighty percent more people in drug treatment than we do. Saint Louis county treats about seventy five people a year out of one point one million people. That's it our mental health doctors, and you can all go on the Oscar website. And look this up yourself. You can look at the mental health. Treatment program in Saint Louis county. We're talking about through the courts, and this is a lot to do with the prosecutor's office. We know that one in four Americans are struggling with mental health issues. We know that with the those who come in contact with the Justice system fifty to sixty percent needs some kind of mental health care there. Twelve people in the mental health treatment docket and Saint Louis county twelve not twelve hundred at twelve thousand twelve in. So when we're lacking these people up with mental health issues now violent offenders, guess what they come out. Now, they are more likely to reinvent. So when I'm looking at doing we're going to be smart, we're going to we're going to stop focusing so many resources on lack in non violent offenders up. Now violent offenders up. We got partners who are already jumping in the fold like a Finney who who is going to be working with us to expand our health care our treatment programs, and we're going to be able to take those same. Prosecutors who would be spending countless hours on non. Violent crime such as drug drug possession. And now we can reallocate them to the violent and serious crimes. And I think that's going to keep us safer, and it's shown to keep us safer in bring our crime rates. Now that is some fascinating data. I think a lot of people probably aren't aware of the vast majority of the numbers that you just stated one of the things that I've found in traveling around the country, whether it be on the road with the cardinals for spring training or just going on vacation you say where are you from Saint Louis? Oh, man..

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