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Let me see let me see what they're going to do is. I hear severe eyelid. Scare has significant will be repair using weak front tolls. Sling special twister G for him using that so long as you sling to link the island to the four hundred. Chicken easiest, hey, why don't have that guy? This thing to what's wrong with this. Asian news is is he Haitian? Haitian? There's probably a lot that is involved. I'm sorry. Does he not eat where his is? But he is this you he might be mixed. I wouldn't assume that you look at him. He's you can close point desire up with. That's what you want to get done. Or did you want to snip couple of wrinkles off the top? Yeah. You just take some of the skin off. And apparently, it's a very very what did you go to chin? We have droopy is trivia droopy eyelids eyelid excess skin surgery. Oh, that doesn't exist skin. Right. Let's go get older. My eyes have changed. And I don't, you know, do that. Right. That's exactly the same. This identity the Sandos try something like that. Exactly. Like that. That's what you want to get done. What a waste of time. I usually get rid of the hanging skin them. Yeah. Idea trouble with your vision. My mother said that I will eventually like she she was like she showed me fix it went. Oh fuck. And then she goes looking is now, and you can't tell and I was like why wouldn't I do that if because it distracts me because one is drooping lower so on camera. It looks lopsided. I don't like I can't believe I've even talking about getting plastic surgery on my face, which I think all guys who do that. I'm for sure a roast the fucking just do a nose job though, while you're under under new Kenny Loggins or not Kenny Loggins Kenny Rogers before and after the check the space That's word. what Kenny Rogers. This is Larry I don't hate. I hate on anyone who gets plus surgery. I just want you touch your. You look at his eyes come on, dude. Don't get your whole FaceTime. You look like an you just come on. I mean. Yeah. Get some teeth on him though, ton chop child has teeth to white. You can't do that. Just just get hold. All good. And then just to snip. That nut sacks off your eyelids. Yeah. You just kind of be careful with how. Well, when you go see the cheek fillers. That's where it gets a little dicey. Right. Just your is pro. See that and the eyes even the eyes are a little bit of a telltale sign to though, don't get crazy with the do you think Kenny Rogers fucked all the girls in the land. I think he I don't know. I know he was he could sing his ass off. But what's his famous song? The gambler maybe chin. Do you know him? I feel like you would. Yeah. I liked his newer stuff. And boy any boy, he no he did so much like surgery. He went from white dude Asian. He's how he got his face tucked go far back. What is he doing? Like, you know, you're gonna look like a mixed crank. And right. He went just fucking do it. What is he doing? Oh, hold on hold that their whole neither dude show show business a motherfucker. You don't know that you look ridiculous though. You don't know that you look, no, dude, he turned into an old Asian men. How does how does this doctor? How how do you? How do you not know that you look absolutely unacceptable quill? But yeah. But on the left, you don't no one told me like the red baron from the pizza commercial. But you gotta go. You gotta just be like this is who I am not that fucking guy. Have you seen Mickey Rourke? Well, that I watched that hoosiers. He was on there that doesn't count O Z changes a wig, the whole thing's a disaster. Like that poor man. That's that to me. It's mental to me is more than that's that's more than vanity snow..

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