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As we read about your so the jury found him guilty he was sentenced to life in addition to the ninety years he was serving for the attempted murders of jordan's france plus he had gotten fifteen years for shooting into an occupied dwelling shooting into the car here so he he's already gert big term jail term yes i mean even with that he probably wasn't getting out no i didn't read any letters after the first conviction i would think his attitude was quite different i mean we read in his first jail time he's talking about when i get out i'm going back to work again invest money blah blah blah and i would imagine after that one he's thinking holy shit whose tone would have changed her and there's always the appeal process but it wasn't looking good for him either way so here's a former neighbor charles hendrix who was not surprised by the un's behavior he i believe he spoke i nancy grace sir some h ellen show about this year hendricks commented undone whom he described as an arrogant and controlling individual and he also added the tonnes exwives so there's more than when exwife exwives told him the done was violent and abusive towards them although he never personally witnessed this hendrick spoke of the previous discussion were done asked him if he knew anyone who would take care of someone who angered him in an unrelated incident and hendrix interpreted the discussion has done one in his send a hit on this person so he sounds like a sweetheart disney awful jordan's parents became outspoken activists all after all this happen and they started the jordan davis foundation so the mission of the jordan davis foundation it's a nonprofit organization and they provide financial assistance for the youth of our nation to nurture their curiosity with exposure to cultural initiatives to travel in a.

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