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The administrators were definitely afraid of the kids i agree with you stewart i think it is absolutely insane and it's one of the reason i checked up when the place that should be the most open minded launch pad of a of salon turns into a lockdown place where you can get cornered like lord of the flies type situation and it's time to it's time to check out back to dershowitz who is not a pony tail in search of a man or a revolutionary on a pension arguing about a copay dershowitz has some strong opinions and our guy boob a bob muller outsourcing his gestapo like raid to the new york office of the fbi again this comes from the fox business network when the director of the fbi komi leaks information and launders it through a columbia law professor and then reis book in which he leaks information that he learned in confidence from the president we have to understand leaking is part of the way the justice department operates and is always information forgive me if this information has leaked doesn't that pretty much destroy the lawyer client privilege in the united states and isn't mr muller responsible for that it's really been destroyed even if it doesn't leak as soon as an fbi agent breeds material that's lawyer client privilege the sixth amendment has been ryan violated the fourth amendment has been violated dershowitz went on to denounce the fbi's blatant violation of collins constitutional rights but he saved his strongest criticism for the american civil liberties union supposedly the vigilant protector of civil liberties in america unbelievable that the american civil division has lost its way they used to be at least one organization there would always stand up for the rights of innocent clients remember that's what's done to clients can be done to patients and doctor relationship to penitents and priest penitent relationships spouse spousal privileges and the aclu is now on the floor or front saying okay that's okay as long as you're going to get donald trump we don't care about civil liberties trumping everything is getting trump and that's the aco you and but today the civil liberties union has become an enemy of civil liberties dershowitz is correct again here he didn't say it in reminds any history buff of barriers enemies of the people purges in the soviet union are maybe heinrich muller or mueller the notorious head.

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