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Security changes spring break is over now as students returned to school must have clear backpacks where new student id's and school entry at certain checkpoints since the shooting governor rick scott has increased security with extra florida highway patrol officers fort pierce police are searching for the suspect and the car involved in a drive by shooting shooting happened on north twenty fourth street a twenty eight year old man was hit by gunfire his condition is uncertain while it was not too happy easter for the gonzales family of fire destroyed the family's entire condo the family and fire officials believe the probable cause is a defective water heater boynton beach woman has been arrested for whipping a seven year old with a belt multiple times boynton beach police department on thursday responded to a call regarding child abuse in virginia martin lawrence has put his twenty two thousand square foot home on the market for eight point five million dollars the three story house was completely renovated in two thousand four and sits on a hundred and sixteen acres between two ponds thousand includes an indoor pool hot tub home theater indoor basketball court bowling alley fitness room and can also board horses jimmy kimmel asked about the horses on the property how many horses the ad have three horses sort of their names cody barron and shadow ride the horses nah never know the massive mansion is listed outside of washington dc for eight point five million dollars i mike burke stay connected to news anytime at eight fifty w f t l dot com hey jennifer ability south florida.

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