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They'll adjust we'll adjust We'll try and just beat them fair and square Ryan Schmidt's club played to a scoreless draw in their first match down in Central America Washington and Washington state with rare back to back Apple cup men's basketball games in one week tonight they're in Pullman a makeup game for a COVID postponement Saturday the huskies host the cougs Zach parisi scored twice the New York islanders took away a 5 to two victory over the kraken last night at climate pledge arena That's 5 straight defeats now for Seattle and they have the Boston Bruins coming to town tomorrow night Baseball owners with a minor counteroffer in day three of contract talks bumping up the minimum pay by $10,000 so it would be about 650,000 for the players who want 775,000 Both sides are still far apart with the start of the regular season March 31st in jeopardy Sports was Schwarzenegger 40 after the hour northwest news radio As we begin to emerge from the pandemic a lot of business owners are looking for ways to lure back customers and as Brian Calvert tells us there's extra pressure on winemakers Just getting people back inside northwest wineries will take some time but a recent study indicates there's a specific age group that may not accept the invitation As the boomers continue to retire and let's say sunset and I replaced by consumers who are more ambivalent to wine Rob McMillan at the Silicon Valley bank wine division is referring to those aged 26 to 35 the millennial An age group that currently gravitates towards beer and spirits a Harris poll reveals those 65 and older bring a bottle of wine to a party those 44 and younger bring beer We have to change the way we sell in market And we are no longer really coming and tasting wine and just visiting a winery Winemaker Natalie Barnes tells KXL Y dot com They're making changes to the tasting room to make younger adults embrace wine You're more of an event center or people are wanting experiences And that's more of the millennials The idea of winemakers can win by offering the amenities that appeal to younger adults Having them come in and be able to have a tabletop barrel tabletop for two with their tastings and all that has been a unique shift for us but allowed us to get to that younger crowd and get them to come in That we have to evolve We have to evolve the way you message that you have to evolve the way you market That includes using social media because that's where millennials and Gen Z communicate We have a lot of millennials coming in now that we have really worked and changed your advertising to hopefully get to them so that they can come in Brian Calvert northwest news radio with the operator of a big cat refuge who became famous for her appearance in Tiger king is trying to get her followers to watch a different kind of documentary Carole Baskin has released a documentary called the conservation game for free on her YouTube page for a limited time filmmaker Michael Weber claims that several high profile conservationists have been showing off so called ambassador cats on TV for years then dumping those cats into the exotic market where Baskin's nemesis Joe Exotic and others flourished Baskin appears briefly in the film she hopes it will help pass a bill in Congress the big cat public safety act I'm Gordon bird Well you're not done with Tom Brady yet He's already planning his next move after retiring from football Brady will produce and act in a football themed road trip movie called 80 for Brady Lily Tomlin Jane Fonda and Sally Field will star in the project that's being created by Paramount Pictures the film will tell the story of four best friends who are New England patriot fans that take a trip to see Brady play in Super Bowl 51 Production set to begin this spring What was that Oh I'm sorry That was the sound of snoring It's 6 14 And time for Marina rocker to give us the traffic.

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