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All silver and silver Diner locations. Chris Rollins of veteran led says you VC lighting also has installed in ceilings on timers to be used at night. It is harmful, so we only want these lights to turn on when the Building is unoccupied. VC lighting also is in wall mounted air purifiers using bipolar ionization and HEPA filters. There's some smaller units, and then there's some high occupancy units that are installed kind of front and center When you walk in Christy came W T. O P. News, a local nonprofit that works to build relationships between rescued animals and people is facing a crisis. He needs your help. The hope and serenity Farm Sanctuary is located in Prince William County on 11 acres of rented land. But now the property is up for sale and in danger of foreclosure. So founder Rene Small is trying to buy it. We may have only Six months to a year to come up with the down payment. She's launched a go fund be drive with the goal of $100,000. The farm is home to almost 150 rescued animals from horses and cows to dogs and cats to chickens and guinea pigs. It's really important for the animals to have people that come that are invested in them emotionally, and it's a win win situation, read more and donate at w t o p dot com Search farm Michelle Bash. W T O P News Coming up. Are your bosses spying on you? They can. I'm Jeff Claiborne. The following is a paid commercial message Thiss year. The Alzheimer's Association walked end. Alzheimer's is everywhere. Every suburban sidewalk every busy avenue, every scenic path everywhere..

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