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It works fast and you won't stay now back to Mike Bagley. We continue on this week's NASCAR live. It's shocking that everyone that Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick and Chase Elliott have not been into victory Lane so far this season. All three of the heavy hitters from 2020 have struggled so far in 2021 Kurt Becker is here with more 2020 NASCAR Cup Series season will always be known for the impact that the Corona virus pandemic had on the sport. But on the track, the season was dominated by Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick. Shannon Bed in Eric puts the checkered flag in the air and Kevin Harvick wins the real heroes 400 Darlington Raceway headed to the checkered flag and for the Have time this season. Denny Hamlin is a winner. Picking up the victory tonight at the Kansas Speedway on the back bumper of Harvick. Hamlin looks to the inside Harvick blocks checkered flag in the air and Kevin Harvick wins the consumers Energy 400, Michigan Hamlin. Harvick combined to win 16 races in 2020, earning Hamlin the spotted the championship four and Harvick the regular season championship. Crown Things, though, haven't been this easy for the pair in 2021. Despite being the Current Cup series point leader, for example, Hamlin has yet to make his way to victory Lane to 43 will be the lap that may decided here this afternoon. Denny Hamlin more than likely looking at Kyle in the rear view mirror, drove that Toyota into the fence often turn number four. Alex Aiden was in trouble turned one.

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