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Money near thank you Patty forty five sports time Mike ray standing by as the Broncos are officially on a short break on a short break for the bye week exactly right a further three and six through those first nine games linebacker von Miller has four sacks no doubt fewer than what he wanted or expected GM John Elway told Logan Ann Lewis on KO Avon is fine you had a good year I think the expectation that we have for von or so so high that if we don't see and then it's like well you know what's happened of on but I think you know you go back and look at the tape watch what people are doing there's one time they had three pick three guys block him in the band in pass protection and so you know who's in Bradley on the other side you know was hurt because now they can even concentrate more on von but I think that you know mas done a nice job obviously like everybody what he gets frustrated you know when they need a big they're gonna make sure the von Miller does not wrecked again the Broncos will return on Monday to start getting ready for the Vikings and start a stretch of four of the next five games on the road Thursday night football raiders in Chargers square off in Oakland that won kicks at six twenty mountain time ABS so is the predators avalanche has lost five straight games face off at seven and we'll talk college football on K. way tonight mark Johnson and the crew have buffs prime time coming your way at seven see you host Stanford in football on Saturday big night in boulder tonight see you athletics will enshrine the class of twenty nineteen going into the hall of fame among those getting in trying Gary Barnett Brian Cabral and Jenny Simpson that sports okay away the home of the Broncos.

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