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The shooter is two unnamed defendants as well as walgreens w._b._z. news time ten eight and we'll take a look at traffic and weather together on the eight zero zombie ryan found lakeshore drive shutdown right now in grant park at balbo everybody being forced off a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle on the northbound side southbound as a mass to avoid the area if he can't keep in mind the rolling stones playing soldier field tonight too and that can get out any moment you do want to definitely void lakeshore drive a right now and let the police and firefighters and everyone else help that pedestrian out in the situation right now she's avoid the area and give them their space if you're on the interrupt bound side of the edens tonight team at righty either direction kennedy out to the airport heavy from montrose to central roadwork in the right lane attended a locals eight in the express twenty four to the airport inbound stop and go fullerton to the jane burn interchange twenty five o'hare into downtown fifteen coming in from that junction now you're o'hare extension eastbound jam-packed heavy out of the terminals all the way to the southbound tristate ramp on the eisenhower euro okay they're twenty nine to route three ninety inbound a thirty five minute ride three ninety into downtown heavy from western to the jane byrne twenty two coming in from mannheim stevenson thirty minute ride either way ryan out tonight five speeds are reduced past the skyway to eighty seventh roadwork in the left lane eighteen out inbound fifteen but champ act on the ramp to the outbound eisenhower again northbound lakes for dr shutdown at balboa in grant park a lanes are black their pedestrian struck by vehicle right near buckingham fountain southbound mess too and the rolling stones are at soldier field tonight concert can get out any second traffic and weather together on the it's every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty one five point nine f._m. accuweather forecast partly cloudy down to sixty seven degrees.

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