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Hometown features that help mark king's health Mart pharmacy on point beach Boulevard and hated range road health mark caring for you and about you well the chief meteorologist Erin Christiansen's as we head through the overnight just some light rain otherwise mostly cloudy skies will start or to stay in the low to mid seventies and then warm to the effort by the end heavy rain for turning sixty percent chance you'll want that umbrella this is a point in news traffic and severe weather station news talk eight fifty double the F. T. L. stay connected mark David van Damme and Scott robin make sense of it all this is mark robin robin van that is Robbins right over there so is a terrible tragedy that happened over the weekend to terrible tragedies wanted el Paso one in Dayton Ohio twelve people killed when some sick not jobs decided that they were going to take some people out el Paso is a white supremacist terrorist I have no problem calling that guy a terrorist because.

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