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Well. Here's something that Oh, before we get to that, let me mentioned he is he's working with Nick Balk Winkle. Mr Saito Jimmy Garvin King Tonga Bill Robinson, WADA guys. But really as eighty five's getting going, he's working a lot with Jim Garvin. And on June ninth nine, hundred, eighty, five, believe it or not looks like Rick Martel is GonNa lose his world title to of all People Michael PS Hayes or what you know what the damn decision was reverse. So Martin tells the champ. Dude. Dave do he's going to work a lot with Michael Hayes over the summer and surprisingly enough although this feels like that would be styles clash. Rick had a good time working with the bird. Michael PSA's work in singles is not exactly something I would have thought. Would have been I. Don't know the right fit for him and eighty four. What do you remember about? Michael having a singles ruin is working punch fucking hurt. Jesus Christ I'd rather hand in fucking hall often just punched me in the mouth is hard as he could cause fucking work in punches will brutal. But look and Michael we we always get Michael Hard time. He's not he's not the greatest worker in the world, but he was without a doubt, one of the greatest talkers in the world and add charisma the as the knew how to talk people into a building. Right so some of the the quote, Oh, my God four, hundred, seventy, thousand stars in the Tokyo Dome and one time they were Oshkosh yoke do we and they had this matching what forty nine minutes and the rooftop there were. No hang on. It's different. It's different of will guys can do a bunch of moves in different things Michael knew how to work move Michael Knew how to draw? Yeah. So that's the difference guitar. Through sure. Yes. He did he good and he did. Well. He's GonNa wind up he being right Martell. RUN OUNCE BY? Working with Boris Sukhov Jerry Lawler, Larry, his VISCO, pretty notable opponents, but perhaps on bigger. Than October twenty, first nineteen, eighty five this went down in Tokyo Japan and it's decided to have an AWA versus in w a world title match. Rick Martel on one side Ric flair on the other. And Martel said he had a lot of respect for flair what he did and he thought they had a great match and of course, after thirty four minutes both are counted out. But still that's kind of a big deal. That's almost like after MAG level stuff, there is not. Yeah was from time to time different promoters like Eddie Gram in Florida Vince did it in New York where they had the champion versus champion stuff and It was always heralded. His is big deal until after while the after mags I think in my opinion at least from wrestling fan. you didn't have the the rag sheets gossip column sheets shows that time. So you read what you read the magazines. Every champion versus champion match like that. Ended in. Either a time limit draw. Account out or a double disc there was never a Finnish never village. And but for the market for the individual market that that worked. When word got out at least. Probably in the minority because everybody didn't read wrestling magazines It's it's a small vocal minority. He's to me. It was like you know they're not gonNA. They're not going to unify the titles are not gonNA. Just wondering what double finish they're going to do on this match right still it was great to watch the the champions go at it. Well he's GONNA get tired of being champion. He's going to hold the bell for about a year and a half and he says he's tired of working for Verne who he felt like was making things difficult for no reason. But the real reason I'm sure is Verne's losing market share Vince is expanding and taking over and. Martel police as a result, burn was an awful boss. And he starts being program to work with Stan Hansen. Roller. Coaster works a series of matches Hanson and always found himself with some extra bruises and bumps plan for. But on December twenty ninth at the meadowlands in East Rutherford. New Jersey Martell drops the title to Hanson. Listen depending on who you believe some people say. It's not stands fall he was just blind as a bat. and. Then your old pal. JBL. Sometimes. Questions that like maybe saying Hanson was just to say this Mike to hurt motherfuckers. Let's say you. I think he's combination of both but Stan was the type of guy that if you fought him in hitting back as hard as he hit you, he would loosen up and work with you. So. I think that stand with just want to get in there and see all right which got in kid you're gonNA fight me back and if you fight me back, then we can go out and have a match if not I'm GonNa fucking guzzle you. And Lot old-timers were like that. But that worked for Stan and Stan was unique talent. But yeah, he was he was blind as a bat. It's like Doug it. I don't think doug ask mean bone in his body I, mean, he could but you know. Jim duggan's Great Guy Ryan a helvin attraction but Jim was blind as a bat and Jim would. Fuck consuming that two by four. It was up to you to get out of the way right and how you were going to take it sometimes Jim with their those close lines and shit and chess be off a little bit. He'd do it. I know Duggan didn't do it to say, Hey, hit me back or anything it's just Jim sometimes misjudge. But same time on the other side of it he was ellen worker to sustain will stand but Yes dan, rough you up if you let him. Well. Let's talk about what's next you know once mortels done with the AWA..

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