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Yeah, but other, you know, just kind of like Moines did. We did an episode on Grimwasde and we talked a little bit about the Necker NAMA con- yeah, another HP lovecraft creation. He's very adamant that's work of fiction, but people like this story so much that they want it to be real. Yeah. In some cases they kinda slender mandate isn't it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, much like slender man has at least once yet. And then the last thing which we don't have time for, but we'd love to refer you to one of the first videos we've ever done the fool society. Yes. The idea that there is a civilization or ruins of civilization that survived some great cataclysm by going underground. Round similar to the Ben folds five song with ancient technology and that the Nazi party and the US military were both aware of this possibility. And as they were exploring the region through various various cover stories through the use of various cover stories like operation, high jump out, they were instead actually exploring these the possibility of these subterranean civilizations or waging war upon one another in secret at the south pole. Those are fascinating tales and all in an attempts to gain the favor of whatever civilization is down there. Yes, yes. And spoiler alert there, of course, the Nazis in this tale in this tale, the Nazi party thought that the subterranean civilization would of course be aerienne. Yeah. Yeah, and super into geopolitical happenings on the surface world the because it's. You know. I have nothing to say there. It's just it's, it's messed up. It's it's an interesting story and you'll a lot of Antarctica has not been fully explored, certainly not to the extent that other continents have. Yeah. And we have to remember there's still parts of there's still very remote parts of the world where no human being has ever set foot that have nothing to do with Antarctica. This is this is one of the concepts that early on when we started making this show been really got me into even further into these subjects, some of these, especially ancient civilizations. This one in particular Klaudia. Yeah, no, really be because I could imagine a world in where it was real only because we've found so many real things in in this world where opposing powers have been in a race to achieve something I or get somewhere. I because the other team is going to get there. For sure. At some point, we just have to get there before them and with everything from nuclear powers our lands to ensure this. Yeah. And so this was just another version of it for me where maybe there was something there or at least to establish bases on versus if some. Yeah, I'm so sorry. Mashes said operation Stargate. Oh, yeah. Started not wrecked in kale Tra. Yeah, that's a great point. This is if it's not a thing, a government did it certainly in line with the MO of most world powers. Yeah. So this leads us to conclusions, right? We don't at this point, have any solid proof that there was some sort of permanent settlements. In in Antarctica, at least not antiquity, and we don't have proof that there was even a a notable temporary settlement, much less a civilization or remnants of an ancient civilization, and this problem where this lack of knowledge is compounded by the fact that it's just devilish -ly difficult to do a lot of exploration in Antarctica, at least it becomes devilishly expensive. Yes, and astray of difficult just to get any kind of transportation there. Right. And now we're in a situation where our entire species and whatever Eldridge species may await us under the ice. Doesn't have to wait much longer because as the as the earth leaves as temperatures shift around the planet, we know that glaciers are receding. They're losing mass Ryan's. It's just getting a little warmer in most places, and we do know that we will see some pretty strange things when the ice actually melts depending on where it melts we, for instance, we don't know very much about the dinosaurs range of animals that roamed Antarctica when part of Gondwana. So. All we found so far about the from fossil life. There are going to be things that we could dig up on the margins of coastal islands or exposed mountains that have gone above the glaciers, and they're the few places that don't have a thick layer of ice. We might also find sources of geothermal energy. We are almost certain to find forms of life that.

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