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General Barr, Rob Rosenstein, Attorney discussed on Sean Hannity



For Attorney General Barr at the time it was working for rob Rosenstein that is for him to ask for guidance would be a normal course of business it wasn't offered it was in a warning letter it was nothing of the sort what one of these people ever going to stop being so wrong when are they ever gonna think maybe they look hyper partisan and stupid every time they rushed to judgment Cambridge police Trayvon Martin Ferguson Missouri UV a case Duke lacrosse case Richard Jewell Baltimore Maryland Freddie gray everybody gets it wrong every time Nicholas Sandman they get it wrong all the time and then they always repeat it's like a it's like a loop whatever the talking point of the day is they don't even think of their same talking point you know what I am if it's Russia Russia Russia collusion collision collusion then it's stormy stormy stormy and then it's what's the **** SO let's hold now it freezes races rate they can't stop themselves and by the way Republicans they want to see Nelly yours investigation files on the trump family which I think is a separate issue open apart but I'm just throwing that out there that's something that's going to be big in the days ahead I'm one of the funnier pieces of behind the scenes information that I've gathered is that Nadler is out there according to C. N. as though he's rehearsing testimony for tomorrow's Muller hearings they're having practice sessions well guess who else is having practice sessions well that would be Robert Muller himself apparently holed up in is William Hale procedures law firm I assume conference room being peppered by fellow special council members on hand to answer questions and you know there's been some of you will have a little bit angry that I announce that I am going to go on television tonight lay out a bit of a tutorial on how to what questions to ask and how to ask them well you might think that's pretty arrogant Hannity what makes you think that you can you can teach your congressman or woman want to be asking well this show and are they on some old cast we have been in the forefront of doing what the rest of the media was too lazy and partisan to do and that is we have been exposing the biggest corruption abuse of power scandal in history and to be very blunt I don't think there are many people that know as many details as I happen to do now I'm not worried about Devin newness he doesn't need my help John rank live doesn't need my help Jim Jordan certainly doesn't need my help you can teach me they they know more than I do because they have access to things I don't have access to to to you know the many times things would come out and the questions that I had asked maybe many months ago and I would ask some of these congressmen and to their credit they if it was a question they didn't have the ability to answer because of whatever reason most likely is security reasons and classified information and it's not redacted yet at cetera cetera I'm then they wouldn't tell me and I would just ask for my follow up go to question was always do you think I'm over the target well what does that mean I would always ask all these guys are my over the target is there anything I'm saying here that that I'm wrong about is there any do you think that I'm on the wrong path with this now why would I asked that question do but my over the target of my my my asking good questions here because I have a responsibility to you my audience to get it right I have a responsibility to get it right it was easy even when I just ask questions they say his Pharisee no it's not we've been right they've been wrong and of Mahler sticks to what he said he would do and the guidelines that he asked for Democrats are getting anything out of him tomorrow but the Republicans have an unprecedented opportunity and I don't want to come on the air here tomorrow or go on the air tomorrow night and regret that I didn't tell him exactly how they need to handle it because there are some dumb weeks finalists are Republicans that that probably haven't even read the Muller report and frankly they need to be asking questions that we either people need answers to this is an opportunity and probably the only opportunity we're gonna have to a to get molar on the record and ask very pertinent questions now Republicans have an advantage there questions won't be a part of the mall report it's going to be about why he chose to ignore things that were clearly related to Russia that he didn't but he didn't he didn't ask didn't inquire about good part about other things that were frankly meaningless in comparison Hey if you suffer from insomnia like I do then you're gonna love.

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General Barr, Rob Rosenstein, Attorney discussed on Sean Hannity

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