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Out. If it was does that would have been the end of the Ottomans. However Ebrahim was the only surviving male member of the dynasty and therefore next in line for the throne when his brother died by this? This time Ebrahim was really paranoid walking on eggshells for so many years right so he thinks this is a trap rods dead. But he's like he's going to popout. The Hanukkah column linked just slipped my throat so his grand vizier. Like no really. He's dead and Ebrahim's like let me see the body then and they're like Hey Siri and he goes he just killed for my siblings. Yes I'm serious. Showing the body Barca Barbosa. He was mad. He wasn't stupid so he personally examined his brother's corpse and after he's convinced that the whole situation isn't some giant ruse. He's like okay fine. I'll take the job. That's a Helluva nerve. During the early years of his reign Ibrahim's grand vizier ear is mostly calling all the shots thankfully and he actually makes progress stabilizing the empire as we talked about Ebrahim a little paranoid and his mother and those around him were concerned about him being mentally capable of ruling one of the more well-known stories about his magnus involves ordering two hundred eighty women drowned because they were annoying and unsupportive of him. But here's the thing besides oral traditions or rumors. There isn't any scholarly evidence. I found a back APP story up per usual. Many saucy tales throughout history have to be viewed with perspective the rumors swirled around Ebrahim written by Dimitri Kandemir. And I have to point out. That he was a Moldovan soldier. who fought against the Ottomans right so while there is evidence the Ebrahim was indeed mentally unstable? It's still unclear as to exactly what extent now Abraham's Mom Qasim. She encouraged him to spend his time with his Horta's in the Harem and by encouraged. I mean when she gave him a ton of APHRODISIACS. This keeps her in power. Some odd mother son relationship. Do you imagine like it's the equivalent of giving your son Viagra and being Mike Gomez yourself at the brothel while I work. This kept her in power because he's occupied and it also produced three sons for Ibrahim in addition to fifteen other other children. I feel like at that point. You're just creating little assassin. You're also creating more opportunities to continue your age. You know so if one dies I see got backup kid. You were going to go. So one day Ebrahim the mad. He's out and about and he he sees a cow's udders another regions and he's like. Oh my God that is what I'm looking for in a woman. So according to Kandemir he sent the shape of them in gold all over the empire with his orders to make inquiries whether a man-made in just that manner could be found for his list. Does he really think that he's GonNa fight a woman the Dow and apparently there is someone for everyone because they found in Armenian woman named sincere para which translates to sugar Hugh Genitalia matched up with the model pretty damn while. Wow that's a matching longer. Breasts he was really into sex. He had many many many books on the topic including various positions and he may have even invented a few himself so as what some of the books were suggesting things really start going south when in an effort to help him post them. enlists the aid of a spiritualist Gendi Kolja area who is a total charlatan. He influences Abraham to lavish money on him and his buddy so they eventually have powered order. A hit. On Abraham's grand vizier. Who was the one actually putting the empire back together like we were talking about this results in a twenty four year long war with Venice that leads to a lack of resources in the sultan's Sultan's capital that combined with jacking taxes? Every time he wants to go on a shopping spree means that the public is kind of peeved with how things are shaken up in the city. Things were actually actually so out of control. Costs in his own mother and his vizier. Were involved in attempted coup and they planned on replacing Ebrahim with one of his own sons but Ebrahim team just exiled his mother from the palace and he had the vizier executed he replaces his ear with a guiding on mud but our history buffs may know him by his warn. Fortunate nickname has our which means one thousand pieces. Guess how he got that nickname. Got A thousand visas next. During the uh-huh next year the people revolt a new literally toward the vizier into pieces after they strangled him to death wish strangled to death. Verse Right. Could you imagine and be ripped from limb to limb while you're conscious fully. No I had that same day that the vizier is ripped until it's all these pieces. The people in prison Ebrahim of his own others consent. She said in the end he will leave. Neither you nor mia live. We will lose control of the government. The whole society is in ruins happening removed from the throne immediately while ringing endorsement for mom but Moustapha was okay right seems like she's more concerned with political stability than with her children. Obviously SCISSOR STAFA was madman too do but it sounds like the people were stepping in line right him. Things were still going in a positive direction. Were subservient rattlers no risk the revolt. Under Moustapha. There was not chaos happening. He wasn't jacking up taxes. Every time you buy something. New Murad was a status. So they put bringing six-year-old old son on the throne and the grand vizier at the time suns a request to the chic all Islam explaining the situation and he asks them if they can execute every three he replies by simply saying if there are two Caliphs kill one of them goes. You heard the man. Let's do it an Ibrahima strangled in sixteen forty eight. Well his mother and all the higher ups watch from the palace above the Ottoman Empire would last all the way up until World War One. So this kind of succession. This kind and of secession. The lifestyle Ottoman Empire would continue until last century. I remember it was still the Ottoman Empire since the cubs had won the world series. I mean another one another one but before then it's wild to think about how long but empire lasted. It was the Ottoman Empire from the thirteenth to the twentieth century. Well for example the Ottoman Empire allied with Germany during World War One on the side of the central. They were the Ottoman Empire until World War. One the partitioning in the Middle East stuff started happening. So it's a very very very rich history and I would love you guys to look into into it more. There is so much information out there on the Ottoman Empire that I could not sit in to this episode as you can tell it gets very confusing much like European history. Everybody has very similar names. There's a lot of movement going on. People are related. People are getting picked off and named the same things so as always if anything sounded goofiness episode. It probably was. Don't take my word for it. Always do your own research and make sure what you're reading from is a verified. Reputable and academic source. Get in touch with us on our website at tiny voice dot com slash dirty bits or by emailing tawny at Tony voiced dot com. You can also hit us up on twitter at the dirty BITs pod or on instagram at dirty bits podcast or in our facebook group. The dirty bits chat and Hamady special. Thanks to our executive producers in podcasters Patriot on dot dot com slash dirty bits or making the show possible without your support. The show wouldn't exist Melissa N.. 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