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You're signing all this away. Just saying I did all this and yeah. That always really frustrates me because we all hear the voice in the room, much louder than the voice on the page, and so it's really that's there to protect them not to protect me and I think that's a real problem of just legalese in general that it certainly puts anyone a stupor. Where you just kind of like Yeah, sure end user license agreement yeah twenty pages. Of course. Yeah! Signed me up for items if you. If you want to see, this turned up to thousands. Watch some videos from mckanie manner to this like a extreme haunted house where people have horrible stories about what happens to them. Yeah and they'll be in there for hours and hours, and you sign away your right to say. Take me out of here soon. People will be screaming at the guy like I'm done I want out and he still won't let them out because they specifically signed something saying even if I say, let me out all my good. And so this this grinning sweet guy is sitting there smiling at you while you're filling it out and saying you really don't want to do this. Are you sure uh? Just overtakes here, you know. Here's the sweet man who couldn't possibly do you harm. Isn't that something wrong with me? That I Kinda WanNa do that now. That sounds really interesting but I will say this. There's a lot of. Drew and I got really into watching McKay me manner videos for and I think specifically were like. Let's not show this to rast. Because they're just endless psoriasis showing up. Anyway. It's in Tennessee and much luck to you goodness. Okay, that's good stretch goal. If, we get ten thousand. Members, also for four thousand. Boy and all I have to go on is what I've heard just now. Yeah, okay well. All right writing it down on the goals list people. said that handedly, this is how we end up flying flat earth banners over conferences anyway. We'll tell you about our goals at the end of this episode. Russ sack Mahaffey so you get there. It was supposed to go from twelve to four I showed up at maybe five four minutes till, and not many people were there yet, and it was just very casual. The Guy you know this motivational music gone on the background, and of course it is at the peak five fitness home of cross fit city of angels tell. Ya Of course across gym is the perfect place. To hold your Wim Hof gathering, so yeah, you walk in out of the they've got their own tiny little parking lot off of one of the major streets down there in Hollywood Santa, Monica or maybe beverly. You get in there, and you see like just so many bars that you do. PULL UPS on sure everywhere you look, and it's really tall ceiling. There's like a rock climbing wall built into this. And I got to say that speaks to how engaging this whole day was that I didn't even try to go over to the rock climbing wall, and there's like those giant, ridiculously fat. Fat Ropes that you can sort of oscillate with your hands. That looks like it would be stupid exercise, but it's actually really. Austin Yeah Yoga Mats Galore. That's one of the things they told you to bring. Yes, question! Did you bring your Yoga Mat I did. Did you bring your waiver? I did signed where you wearing proper footware known a printer footwear. Yeah, I just had. Tennis shoes. Okay Were you there on time? Yes, and how was your head at the time? Fine Okay? It makes it sound like you did not have all those things. I was ten minutes late. I forgot my waiver, which was totally fine. People were just wondering. Ho. That's true I forgot my way. I forgot my Matt. I hadn't done the cold shower. Usually you're on top of a map thing. Yeah, thank you, you're my cold shower is okay the headache? Had walked there in what turned out to be thunder and lightning and rain in sandals. It was crazy thunder that day, super loud. Yeah, really doing a good job. You brought comfy closed. Though, yes, around like yoga clothes thing. Yeah, well there you go. That was on the list and you run a did it, and and you brought your bathing suit. That's true. That's important because you would be needing that. Did you bring a snack? I don't remember okay. That was also on the less well we've. We've covered the list except for the final item, open hearts and optional high-fives. high-fives, okay apples, and to bring those. Yes, so when I got there I had to borrow a mad and say I'm sorry. And you had printed out the waiver for me, and still it was sitting on my couch when I got back. It was just I was a mess. We all have our days and days. We don't have an mine was February twenty-second twenty twenty. Yes, Oh, I got those things from them. They were totally nice about it, they they're like Oh, yeah, we have an extra yoga mat. Yeah and people are setting up. Our friend Molly showed up. A little before you did, so she sat near. Neither is another guy. Right next to me and everybody was really friendly. Nice, we're having little Chitchat conversations and moving our. Matt's to make room for new. People One lady a really cool Matt. It was all the Bright Kunda leany. yeah, it was like an notably awesome man I. Remember that lady if I didn't already owned one I'd be like I need to find that. Yeah, fair it lady if you're listening right to us and tell us where you got your map get, we can't find it. Yeah, we haven't tried, but but still we only want to hear about it from you. We've gotten a brief kind of breakdown of. Of what the schedule would, we'd be learning an intro to the method. Those three pillars mechanics slash physiology breathing. Okay, Oh boy, this is GonNa be dance and the WHM breathing session. Okay, so we're going to do some breath work ourselves take a break, and then we will realize the health benefits of gradual exposure to the cold through a video, an explanation and then have are optional ninety second I. Hell. and. Then we'll warm up until great, so that's what's going to happen. That's what will happen, so we're so excited to tell you about all this, but it took us so much time just to set this up well. Yeah, to tell you the background of Wim Hof. That's important INFO. Yeah, so we've gotten ourselves to the meeting, but we're going to have to hold off for the next episode. Sorry, we're not trying to be coy. We just we have a lot to tell so. We'll be telling you all about this workshop and next week. We'll, start. Start with all all of this breathing information there so much of it and all of the physiological effects. Yes, that win half purports to have all good of course. August, before we go, I want to say thanks again to everyone who has gone out of their way to support us during Max. Fund drive, come Amax member and everyone who became a Max member during other parts of the year. We see you, we honor you. Yeah, we! We mentioned earlier that from the time that we would have had our original Max fund drive Max. Von has very. Very generously been counting anybody who adds.

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