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Its estimate for a mid twenty twenty return to flight the plane has been grounded since last March following two fatal crashes in five months and Monday is a national holiday presidents day so we sent Carl to the city of presidents Quincy as curator for The Addams national historical park Kelly COBOL knows a lot about John Adams and John Quincy Adams not only are we just the place where they live to where the place where they were born in this city is also where the two former presidents are buried at the first parish church in Quincy center which is where the city is going to have a president's day weekend winter festival Saturday afternoon they will be fun activity celebrating all things presidents because not many places can lay claim to the store to presidential municipal DNA that this city has from Quincy Carl Stevens WBZ Boston's newsradio Amana North Carolina says he's been hit with hundreds of dollars in fines after getting duped Ronnie Dickerson started getting told bills from Virginia totaling five hundred dollars a state he hasn't visited in two years turns out a scammer duplicated his license plate I was charting the tolls to Dickerson says custom license plates are easy to buy on Amazon and other websites I can choose any tag any state put anybody's number in and I know a lot too and they'll ship that Satan is scary North Carolina DMV's as the best option is to turn in the personalized tag and get a new one Dickerson didn't have to pay the toll charges but he doesn't want to give up his custom plates either you neon ABC news and the WBZ ski report is brought to this Friday morning by four ninety five jeep dot com hi I'm Charlie Rose with the WBZ ski report several fresh snow storms over the last couple of weeks sets things up so nicely for the three day a president ski weekend and the weather gets more comfortable as that.

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