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Hot dog water sells for thirty seven ninety nine all this weird stuff coming out of canada this is ben couvert so you know this tent at this event was literally selling the bottle of water with a floating weiner inside it yum for three seven ninety nine a pop and it made all these claims like helping consumers lose weight but an increase brain function look younger and improve overall vitality but it turns out that it was a it was performance art it turns out it wasn't legit yeah who would guest no it would only be legit if you could find it a whole foods where was this by the way it was a festival yeah as a big festival that they have called carfree day festival in vancouver and those canadians wacky cana them in their candidate ian what the heck they're like us but different those crazy hat yeah america's hat just kidding not so that's was just to teach people say hey maybe read the small print before you buy all right it is the fork report let's get some of the latest real news with larry parole mcafee newsroom account poly pomona employee has been stabbed and killed on campus la county sheriff's lieutenant john corinna says the suspect was also an employee and had fled the scene of the stabbing he was located by some other witnesses and saw him up there it was acting strange so they call that in as well when they did also pomona police department in from cal poly pomona went up there contacted this individual and that's when the offer ball shooting occurred sometime after the stabbing witnesses reported the suspect on campus and called nine one one when concer ribed an officer involved shooting happened the suspect was shot and killed the news brought to you by the kitchen store to women have been shot outside a nightclub in artesia cops say the women were outside llamas on pioneer boulevard around twelve thirty this morning when some guys in white dodge ram pickup truck shot at them the women were in a line to enter the nightclub demonstrators in cities across the country have rallied against the trump administration's immigration policy california lieutenant governor gavin newsom was one of today's featured speakers at the families belong together event in downtown la the candidate for governor says diversity is what makes la unique i don't know about you but i think the world looks to us looks teach and every one of you to see that it's possible live together to advance together and prosper together across every conceivable imaginable difference thousands of people turned out to protest out the event this afternoon also speaking today at the rally were california democratic representative maxine waters in la mayor eric garcetti dangerous heat wave will have more than half of the country sweating it out this july fourth tenths near and above one hundred degrees are combining with thick humidity to present serious health hazards eighteen states from new mexico to michigan have issued heat advisories warnings or watches making a heat dome that is descending on sixty million people traffic from your helpful socal honda traffic center if you're traveling.

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