Kurt Voelker, United States, Harassment discussed on Rosie on the House


T. E. M. seven nine yard radio station. some in Congress are moving ahead toward impeachment einen Kerik fox news Congress is headed out on two weeks rest recess while some house Democrats indicate impeachment investigations could begin as soon as next week Louisiana Republican congressman and house minority whip Steve Scalise telling fox and friends he didn't find anything problematic about president trump's July phone call with Ukraine I read the transcript which by the way they were saying was gonna have quid pro quo there is not a single mention of quid pro quo of you know for and any kind of foreign aid all of those other things that they were talking about. president trump also claims nothing inappropriate happened and it's clear he's not happy about sharing the transcript fox is mark Meredith the White House says after president trump took office it was concerned too much information about foreign calls were leaking out this came after details of private conversations with former leaders of Australia and Mexico leaked out to the press the whistleblowers allege in the complaint the White House was trying to lock down the contents of that call with Ukraine but a former national security official told foxnews securing conversations is common here at the White House president trump has been talking about this on his favorite platform Twitter and he's using a phrase that we heard him say over and over again during the Robert Muller investigation presidential harassment US envoy for Ukraine Kurt Voelker resigned Friday due to the whistleblower investigation entrepreneur in twenty twenty presidential candidate Andrew Yang making a campaign stop in Concord New Hampshire this morning. red.

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