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Have a few people that you can call trust outside of your organization bounce things off of and ask for advice and jason's anatomy multiple times a couple of others and i think that's probably the brought more broad than a specific. There's some trying times for industry and in health safety specifically. I think you have to have those people that you can drawn and bossing office to help get through and then incredibly valuable. And i think from both you and jason that seems to be the biggest insight take advantage of all opportunities you can to relate to other people. Don't be the lone ranger out there. Don't think you know at all. Don't make the mistake of of not taking advantage of other people's experiences and then all of a sudden you get caught in a situation that you could have have avoided so jason laura. I'm taking a big deep breath right. There looks like we've gotten through this podcast with no more technical issues again. Appreciate you both coming on the show. Today it's been very interesting. We will be sure to include speaking of taking advantage of reaching out to others will include both of your linked in contact information in the show notes. So anyone listening can reach out to you and i wanna thank everyone for listening and again remind you that this podcast would not be possible if it were not for our sponsor anderson hauser. Please tell them. Thank you sponsoring the show by going to our. Og g in anderson hauser website which you can find also a link in the show notes to and you can register for a monthly gave away their follow sewn linked in and twitter and that contact info you can find in a show as well finally you can find in the show notes mile linked in contact info where you can message me as i mentioned at the beginning. Please let me know what you're enjoying about to show and suggestions for content that you might like to hear and if you're looking for a speaker for a conference or meeting you can contact me about having one from our og jian speakers bureau including mark liqueur and yours truly please tune in again next week for another episode of anderson hauser's oil and gas. Hse podcast a production of the oil and gas global network anderson. Hauser is your reliable us-based an international partner for measurement instrumentation services and solutions. We are your people for process automation. Please leave us review on. I tunes like own link then and use all of your social networking to tell your friends about us. And now here's savannah will see next time everybody savannah from odiham and here are the events on deck for july. Twenty twenty one. This month we have five events. But if you'd like the full list you can click the link in the show notes to sign up for our events. Newsletter we send it out every month and includes more info about the events. I talk about here. We even include events that occurred two months ahead of time. So if you're always interested in staying in the loop about oil and gas events. Make sure to check that out this month oh. Gdn will be hosting our monthly happy hour at the canon in houston texas on july twenty nine or june. Happy hour was a hit. So if you weren't there for the june one we hope to see you there. This month at our july happy hour at this event will be able to meet some audience host and network with other oil and gas industry professionals. All doing great food and drinks. Don't forget that it's on july. Twenty nine other than oj deanza vince. We have to in person and to online events. First up we have our two in-person events the first one being the doug permian in eagle ford conference at the fort worth convention center from july twelfth to july fourteen and the next person event is sp international data science convention at the convention center and houston texas underlie next to online events. The first being cognate webinar titled from buzzwords to boardrooms what energy leaders really think about the transition. It's true sustainability and that's on july eighth from eleven thirty to twelve thirty and lastly we have the us africa energy forum which is online on july twelfth. If you have any questions about these events or any of our shows make sure to reach out to me through my email and the show notes. That's all for july. I hope you guys have a great month and thanks for tuning in hsun in next week for another engaging episode of the oil and gas. Hse podcast a production of the oil and gas global network. Lend more at obgyn g. n. dot com..

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