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That's what i said when it was all the talk about lebron going la i say look in la everybody of his stature that's played for the lakers except elgin baylor won a championship at least one so if you go there and you don't it's not gonna look good it's not and it's really not fair i mean it's really not fair i personally am not going to judge them on that because i'm looking at it going in saying just teams not ready and like so after a year of whatever this is is it going to be more attractive like it it depends it doesn't so and then and then are have you upgraded all these other pieces like are they going to look better or worse for playing next to lebron are their numbers are going to be better or worse so are you increasing the trade value these pieces when you try to rejig that's where i don't know how everybody's assumes okay this is an off year but by next year they'll be there i mean maybe but there's just as good of possibility that it's a great another year of trying to pieces together because the young guys might not look as good this year there's no question so let me ask you this then the elephant room do you think they get why i don't okay well at least not this year i mean you you down the spurs we'll trade i think the spurs i think the spurs will trade him i think they're going to trade him the east philly ali ali philly makes the most sense if you can get a dario saric and you can get a pick i know that doesn't sound like a ton for koa leonard but the fact that is dario search is going to want to stay there and this is the beauty especially play great great one yeah and and i like him playing off of lamarcus aldridge i think there's some i think this grit there and he's going to be happy in san antonio he's not going to be looking to go some place else and then you have that pick that the miami picking twenty twenty yeah which is which is always like that's always the great especially in today's villa delfi lived off yeah we suck we're really bad and but we got that pin fanbase is like oh we got the they can imagine it's going to be some great player san antonio can get through this and besides there's such a great system group that they're always going to be a good regular season two question right i mean they're always going to be in the hunt there even without kawhi you still expect they're going to win forty six forty seven forty eight games they'll be in the playoffs and you get the you know who knows maybe they get they get an additional pick the key is going to be that they get negotiate with brett brown a san antonio guy and that's important because nobody knows quite leonard's guys rich frankel has no reputation so being able to do a deal through them is going to be really challenging and especially for somebody who needs mitch or needs them to say yeah we're we'll stay or we're not going to stay like brett brown at least have a conversation with co i honestly know where things stand and i think that's going to be really important in the spurs being able to get something value so the big one of the big stories this week or early this week was boogie cousins golden state what i mean you saw the twitter reaction is just the nba's a joke now you know what are your thoughts on that side honestly i don't first of all having team having a great team is the blueprint for the nba success the ratings all say that when you have a super team especially with superstars on it that's what draws the most attention from the mainstream and come on let's face it i'm only disappointed that book not gonna play until february aren't you dying to see what that looks like everybody is and so it's not a matter of well you know on the land of magic and i'm not going to have a chance against that no it's when that circus comes to town so that's right that's right jordan booth yeah so i mean that's what draws the attention the nba is not like the nfl like when you got eight nine teams and nobody knows first of all it's a transaction league believe now the reason it owns the social space.

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