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But what are the protocols like for the actors and the crew and all that stuff when you guys go into film something, Okay, So first of all, you know that any any new person comes into the country in Canada, you have to quarantine for two weeks, I said, But then you get to the set. Everybody not is not only wearing masks. 60% of them are wearing shields. Especially here in makeup, their cubicles that you you know the glass cubicles. Um Cruz, don't Intermix. You know you're with the film crew, but then you're with when you're with the makeup crew. It's a different section. Everyone wears masks, tire time their social distancing in the scenes for any new people coming in. The actors are kind of their own pod. The green room is set up. In such a way that everybody is 60 cross and you're all wearing masks you on Lee, Take your mask off the take before shooting Because the cinematographer has to see what the life is like on your real face. You know you can't wear your shield or anything. Um, the reflection. Very respectable. Oh, totally safe. Oh, my gosh. Yes. And you can have you tell me have X amount of people in each woman and you just see everybody social distancing. It's sort of interesting down, you know, And so it's just everybody is separated you and everyone has a mask. In fact, the director I just worked with, uh, Tony Dean Smith. He's fantastic. I did not see what his face looked like until the final day. I said, Can you just stand away from me and take off your mask? Every wouldn't couldn't even take that in a police lineup. This is easy. It's easy for you to go back in time. I'm just curious about this because you had this. You know, La 13 years on and off affair with John Travolta this love affair with him. What happened? Why? Why do you think it didn't last? Was it Did something happen along? You know what I think? No, I think we were We were. We were the first day we met. We realized we just hit it off immediately. It was in the first national company of Greece. And so that was like a stellar chest with Jerry Zaks and Judy Kaye. And it was like a crazy, crazy cast of everybody so talented, But Johnny and I hit it off right away because we both our families from families of six kids. She has sisters and two brothers. I have three sisters and two brothers. His father sold tires. My father sold cars. His mom was a drama teacher. My mother was a dance teacher, So we felt like we were family. And I think that sibling feeling was always, ah, very strong part of our relationship, And I think that maybe that's what it was more than anything. You know, He's great. He's a couple of times. Great guy. He's a really great guy. Really that first two jobs we did together because we did the national company of Greece, and then we did over here, which also had treated my C all the time you came on the show, and he's part of the Hallmark family, too. And Annie ranking and I see her when I come to New York if she's there, over here, that was the Andrews Sisters. Music. I'm not Mr Yes, Yes. Oh, my good Lord. Yeah, you know, they should have. They should do a revival. Yeah, they should. I don't know why That show has never been revived from your mouth to God's ear. And you know I am God's ear here when I know God put it up Broadway. Oh, you know, it was like one of my favorite human beings in the entire world is Fran Weissler? She and I have caught up during this pandemic. We talked to each other every few weeks. Just to check in, and he's just a force of nature. You know, she's that I'm in areas and she's an area so it's like we're always like Kerry's rule, you know, and she's just amazing. And just, you know, just that spirit and brain 93 years old. I saw her last weekend and she's a counter. Yeah. She's a character in my new book, Singular sensation. The triumph of Broadway, Mary Lou, which I was e Forget it yet. So if you could get it on Amazon time here we go..

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