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That was really fascinating thank you that was rebecca douglas she produces a podcast cold group about mental health is distributed through a cast miss your radio was also veils podcast you can subscribe download our shows on your phone and listen anytime new shows are available every friday on apple podcast issur tune in google play it spotify right now by cohost ceremony tonight we'll take some of your calls sarah of course is the star of sara's weeknight meals public television also author of the book home cooking one on one sarah are you ready you bet welcome to most your radio who's calling this is candice i'm calling from brainerd minnesota how can we help you i have a dilemma i have one of those monthly old recipes from grandmother that's very sketchy okay and i have a significant other who would really really really like for me to make a rhubarb cream pie with a caramelized crust it's my understanding that instead of your basic flaky pie crust which is what i'm accustomed to making it's got a thicker chewy texture call caramelized because has a lot of sugar in the crust you think yeah that's that's what i would guess the closest i can figure is take a pre made pie crust and poke holes in it and allow the shipper in you know to my understanding caramelized crusted it happens accidentally sounds yummy.

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