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Oh two one temper Dale here's our top story a Phoenix police officer seen on video kicking a shoplifting suspect will be five chief Jerry Williams says she went above the recommended disciplinary action for officer Chris Meyer saying his actions breed miss trust in the community the drive on Amos family is still suing the Phoenix police department for ten million dollars police chief Terry Williams didn't stop with officer Meyer we're getting new details today on the dozens of Phoenix cops flag for inappropriate social media posts of the seventy two Phoenix police employees investigated for their social media posts sixty of them received supervisory coaching one was fired nine others were suspended one employee received a forty hour suspension for receive twenty four hour suspensions for received eight hour suspensions Phoenix police sergeant Tommy Thompson says the case of two others are still pending including a sergeant who has sued the department over free speech rights Martha Mauer KTA on use a hero's welcome for more than thirty World War two Korean and Vietnam War veterans from Arizona as they poured a flight it airs on is the error at Phoenix's sky harbor airport this morning they're off to Washington DC for the next three days to visit various veteran memorial these seeds navy memorial we see were were to Korean Vietnam like can you which team which is actually the marine memorial Susan how is with honor flight Arizona her volunteer let group is phone more than two thousand veterans to the nation's capital since two thousand eight and now for a check on traffic.

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