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We we've got a few announcements here. First of all people know that we had Donald drain the swamp contest. Now, I think I already announced this. But I wanted to say it again, just because it's so I just I love the fact that we basically said since it's Halloween. People are getting dressed up. We got the election. Let's have Donald. The caveman dress up contest if you dress up as Donald the caveman. We'll send you a book assigned book from me, whatever, you know, to you, whatever. And then whoever wins, it will get three books and a button and the whole thing. Okay. Someone announced the winners right now. I I don't have. Last names, follow them. All right, Lydia, Emily, Calvin and Andrew from cranberry, Pennsylvania. That's the Pittsburgh area. They get it a bird get a book because they dressed up as Donald rains swamped the francs family. I don't have the address yet. Nncholas gates from hudsonville Michigan. And then Chad and Caleb Reagan from bowling green Kentucky. And the grand, but the grand winner. I did not see other day Alicia and Jeremy walk from quakertown, Pennsylvania. Folks this week. On my. The newsletter. I on the newsletter that I sent out which actually goes, I think it already went out. Down. But every weekday Senator, and he's like, I put all the pictures from the walk family and Jeremy walk wrote a sonnet. Oh, yes. I I just can't I can't get over it like it was so spectacular. So they are the grand winners Alicia, and Jeremy walk Alicia created these costumes, I need to get one of these costumes because what we we need to go to we need to go to Times Square and have somebody dressed up either you or me or someone we hire I'm afraid. It might be me who go ahead. Yeah. We could all be just up an interview people about Donald the caveman, we need we but Alicia walk created, these may truly amazing beautiful costumes, and including a Donald wig, right? And her husband Jeremy wrote a sonnet, which I still can't get over. I mean, you want to talk about a talented fam-. Oh, yeah. So part of the newsletter. So people must sign up for your newsletter at Metaxas. Eric Metaxas dot com. Go to Eric Metaxas. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But but I think I wanted to read the sonnet on the air today. And I think I have it right in front of me here. But really this stuff. Just blesses me so much. Okay. So this is. When you I'm telling you the picture, the winning picture of their eighteen month old son dressed as Donald the caveman holding a we the people club with the Twitter bird on it is so cute. I could shriek if you don't get my my my newsletter folks, go Eric Metaxas dot com, which is sign affairs weakening. I'm telling you like if one at a five is this great, you're gonna you want this you want this. But you gotta go to Eric Metaxas dot com and sign up. But okay, I'm gonna read the I it's so key. He is so cute. I'm telling you..

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