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It's eight thirty in the morning on Patrick Osborne this news brought you by Adam and financial engines and topping Austin's news an angry response from China after two bills supporting Hong Kong demonstrators pass Congress and then get the signature of president trump China is furious accusing the US of sucking a malicious intentions and summoning the American ambassador in Beijing to comply yeah going for so long the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson coating the failed which authorizes sanctions on Chinese officials survey interference in China's internal affairs the ministry claiming the US is trying to undermine Hong Kong stability by backing violent criminals China's threatening a response Simon allied fox news the drop reportedly Nova whistle blower complaint when the release date to Ukraine president Donald Trump released nearly four hundred million dollars in military aid to Ukraine after he was briefed on a whistle blower complaint about his dealings with that nation according to two officials not authorized to discuss the matter publicly the official say trump was told about the whistle blower complaint in late August during a briefing by White House counsel Patsy Bologna and John Eisenberg an attorney with the White House National Security Council according to the officials at that briefing the lawyers told trump they were trying to determine whether they were legally required to give the whistle blower complaint to Congress from pre lease the aid to Ukraine on September eleventh Mike Crossey up Washington the Texas third court of appeals deals a blow to Austin short term rental ordinance striking down to keep provisions your notes was first challenged in court in twenty sixteen by the Texas public policy foundation at that time general counsel Robert Hickey said the city was on the constitutional rights afforded under the Texas constitution and this week the court agreed striking down the ban on type two S. T. ours or non owner occupied rentals your notes also limited rentals to only two adults per room this week's ruling strikes down that provision as well Austin's arch homeless shelter getting specific with this year's blanket drive the archers Amy prices they want to see blankets meant to keep an adult warm she explains of previous years some almost have refused some throw blankets because they aren't big enough for thick enough to keep them warm if they give the smaller one client sometimes decline them because they have to factor in everything that they have they carry with them the weight and the space of a blanket is it worth it if it doesn't offer a lot of protection so through the end of December price says they hope to see blanket size twin and full donated she says they could easily deal out a thousand blankets to those in need John Cooley newsradio tail BJ at last year in the Austin area during thanksgiving weekend three people died in traffic crashes the causes of those crashes were unsafe speed and alcohol that something text dot wants to see and textiles bread wheels explain every single day since November seventh two thousand at least one person has died on Texas roadways and we can industry by designating a sober driver taking a cab ride share or using mass transit if you're gonna be consuming alcohol Willis's driver's seem to have all passengers buckled up into drive without distraction Eric like of newsradio kale BJ ward forty nine degrees and BK but I'm Patrick Osborne get Austin news on demand it news radio kill the J. dot com you're listening to the best of Todd and don on newsradio kale be.

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